Yr 3 and 4 Miss Roberts’ Blog 13th November 2020

Year 3 and 4 have had a lovely week exploring our next key question, 'How do I keep myself healthy?' 

We began by learning about our teeth and how to look after them. In science the children have investigated which drinks are most unhealthy for us. They decided it was important to investigate using hard-boiled eggs, rather than their real teeth! They each planned and carried out a fair test, making sure that only 1 variable changed. They then reflected on the investigation. They summarised that the energy drink was the worst drink for your teeth as the shell was very flaky, bubbly and lumpy! We also put 1 egg in vinegar and found that in just 2 days the shell of the egg had gone completely soft and squishy. Take a look at the results in the photo.  

On Wednesday this week, KS2 were introduced to their new PE focus- street dance! We will be working virtually with Urban Fusion Dance company and Aura to learn and develop new skills and then enter into a county wide competition. I was delighted to see the children enjoying the dance and commenting on how energised they felt! 

We have been working on Pen Portraits in language. All of the children wrote their COLD write last week, and have since been developing their skills in order to improve it. This has including descriptions to say how someone moves, using similes and metaphors. The children have been creative and I am looking forward to seeing their edited HOT write for the Pen Portraits next week. 

This week marked the day World War One ended with Armistice Day. We felt privileged to be joined at the Cenotaph by Reverend Daniel for a socially distanced moment of reflection and prayer. Back in school we created poppies and shared facts which we know about the end of the war. 

On Friday it was own clothes day in aid of Children in Need. This year has been very different in lots of ways, so the children appreciated a familiar day to think of others and raise money for a special charity.