Years 3 and 4 Blog Miss Roberts 11th June 2021

This week it's the turn of Year 3 and 4 to share our adventures from the week!

In our Language work we have read Jonny Duddle's 'The King of Space' and began to think about what would happen next. Patrik thought it would be a great idea to plan and write the sequel to the story and share our ideas with Jonny! We have plotted our ideas, created a story mountain plan and have created Steps to Success for a story board which we will work on next week!

In our topic we are focusing on our final key question- How do rockets work?

This week we have researched and learnt about some famous rockets which have been used over the last 70 years, including Saturn V. We were able to draw a labelled diagram, identifying the 4 main parts of the rocket.

We had a lovely morning listening to Rev. Daniel share his knowledge all about Space. Did you know that the first man in space, Yuri Garagin, was able to orbit the Earth in just 90 minutes! That's less that out afternoon session in school!

Miss Roberts set us a challenge to see who could make a 'mouse rocket' to travel the highest. When we designed our mouse rockets, we had to make some decisions. This included choosing the size, shape, material and any features which we would add. Additionally, we choose a 'rocket launcher'!

Our investigation found that the most successful launcher was the 1litre water bottle. We think this is about is had a bigger area inside the bottle to hold the most air, so when we clapped our hands around the bottle it released the most air pressure. The least successful was Henry the Hoover! Some of us expected Henry to release lots of air pressure, but instead he sucked it all in! Jac thinks a leaf blower would have been a better option!

Callum was the most successful with our first designs. His rocket was medium sized, made from card and had a 'balloon jacket'. He was able to hit the ceiling in our classroom which is over 4 metres high! Great job! After our initial investigation we were able to adapt or remake our rockets and we were all very successful!

We all had good fun and learnt lots about forces during the lesson.

We our looking forward to some more investigation linked to 'Out of this World' before focusing on the Olympics at the end of term!

Miss Roberts and Ms Cox 🙂