Year 3 and 4 Miss Roberts’ Blog

In Year 3 and 4’s Blended Learning this week has focused on creating a diary entry as an explorer! They have been reading about an explorer who ventured into the Altani Jungle and saw many wonderful creatures along the way. Year 3 and 4 used this as their inspiration to write a ‘Jungle Log’ of their own! After lots of planning and practicing the skills needed, they wrote a draft, then edited it using Steps 2 Success and finally wrote their HOT WRITE diary entry for their imaginary adventure to a magical jungle.

In mathematics they have been working on multiplication and division over the last few weeks. They have been working through the White Rose Maths videos which have been supporting the children to learn new vocabulary and techniques.

This week we celebrated Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 9th February. The children have completed a range of activities to develop their knowledge and awareness of how to stay safe online. They put this to good use on Friday and created a poser which can be shared with other children in order to help them stay safe when using the internet. All the posters which are returned to school after half term will be entered into a competition which is being held my North Wales Police. It is a great campaign which will help raise awareness and support us all in these times when we are using the internet more than ever!

I look forward to every Thursday as Year 3 and 4 enjoy a Teams call. It’s a lovely to see the children and they have opportunity to catch up and share what they have been up to during the week. This week we did Miss Roberts’ quiz!

Today marks the end of half term and I wanted to say a big well done to Year 3 and 4 for working from home since Christmas. I have been really pleased with the engagement and the quality of work produced. A big thanks to parents for your ongoing support too.

I hope you all have a lovely half term with some warmer weather to enjoy!