Owain Years 3 and 4 Blog 23rd April 2021

It has been a fabulous week of lovely weather which we have all tried to make the most of! This was particularly great as we celebrated Earth Day this week! Key Stage Two joined together to learn all about Earth Day and why it is important to 'Restore Our Planet'. The children shared many great ideas on how to be kinder to our planet, including picking up litter, turning off lights and re-using old boxes to create a fort! They decided to make a promotional poster or leaflet so that they could raise awareness and share these ideas with the rest of the school and the village.

Additionally, on Earth Day we learnt all about different forms of energy and which ones are renewable and which are non-renewable. It was very interesting discussing the advantages and disadvantages of many different types of energy.

We have begun our new topic this week, 'Out of this World'. Year 3 and 4 all worked together to share what we already know and to think about what we are interested in finding out. This led us to creating our 3 key questions for this term: 1. What are the planets like? 2. How do rockets work? 3. Does the moon move?

We have started to investigation our first question and have each chosen 1 planet to focus on. This will give us the opportunity to gather some in-depth research from a variety of sources and then feedback our findings to the rest of the group.

Our maths focus has been on money this week. We are using and converting pence and pounds to solve word problems and calculate change.

In literacy the children were introduced to our new class book which we are all very excited to read! This is 'King of Space' by Nannerch's very own Jonny Duddle!