Owain’s Blog Year 3 and 4 14th May 2021

This week is the turn of Year 3 and 4 to write the blog! We are having a very busy half term learning about one of our favourite topics: Space!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have focused on learning about the 8 planets in our solar system. This week we used all our knowledge of the Planets to create a picture of the solar system. we used a range of It included all the Planets and the Sun. We looked at how far each planet is from the Sun (to the nearest million kilometres) and then used dividing by 10 to converting the scale into centimetres and millimetres. This meant that we could then compare how far each planet is from the Sun. We went outside, measured out the planets by measuring to the nearest millimetre. It was very interesting! The closest planet to the Sun is Mercury, on our scale it was only 5.8cm away, whereas the furthest planet from the Sun, Neptune, was 450cm away!

On Tuesday we had another Relax Kids sessions with Lou. This session was aimed at helping us to think positively about ourselves. An important part of every session is the 'positive affirmation' where we have to say something SUPER about ourselves! Alice felt that this was her favourite part of the week and thought that it helped her to concentrate on her work.

To show what we know about symmetry, we created a piece of outdoor art using a hoop and natural materials which we collected on the school grounds! Everyone's hoop had 1 or 2 lines of symmetry. Isobelle said this was her highlight! There were some amazing creations.

Following this, we moved onto 'time' in mathematics. We began by making an analogue clock which showed the hour and the minutes on it. We are going to be using this in our sessions to help us to learn to tell the time better. Patrik thought that this was his favourite task of the week!

In Language we have been learning about letters. We investigated the different types of letters, why you would send it and we compared some of the similarities and differences between them. The type of letter we will be focused on is an informal letter. Callum said that this is a letter that you could send to a friend or family member to catch up and see how they are doing. Next week we will be writing our own informal letter.

Thanks for reading our blog. Miss R and Blwyddyn 3 a 4! 🙂