Owain 28th June

What a busy week we have had, we have been learning about directions on a compass. We explored 4 points to start with and when we were a bit more confident we looked at 8 points! We then found out where we would use these points, for time, Pie charts, scale, globe and reflex angles.

We also started to look at area using 1cm squares to help us work out areas on different shapes. We were really good at this and enjoyed working it out together.

We had to find out what a biography was and how we were to write one. We did some research on famous people to help us put one together. We found out lots of facts about their key events and time openers. During the afternoon we chose a picture of a famous person and painted them.

Earlier in the week we played cricket with Miss Roberts and Finlay and Sam really helped us all too. Firstly we threw balls at the wickets to practice hitting them in the correct place. We then had a match and both teams were great. It was so funny when Miss Roberts forgot the rules and we had to help her!

We are really looking forward to our moving up day next week and our trip to Wepre Park the week after!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.