Owain 15th November

Year 3 and 4 are very pleased to share to has been going on in school this week!

We began by putting on a ‘Play in a day’ on Monday. Mrs Jane Meakin worked with all of key stage two t recreate the amazing adventures of Captain Archdale from Nannerch and his Platoon, during WW2. We all enjoyed the drama and our teachers were very proud of how we used our imagination to retell the story with our bodies. The whole school was delighted to see Captain Archdale and his family enjoying the performance.

In our Language we are working on diary writing. We have already learnt about writing in first person and in chronological order. This week we have been thinking about how to share thoughts and feelings in a diary. To help us do this we watched the John Lewis advert from 2016 which featured Buster the Boxer on the trampoline. The children all watched the advert, separated it into 6 different scenes and shared how they believed he felt during the different parts of the advert. It made us all think about the many different emotions we go through in one day.

In our Maths work we are focusing on column addition and column subtraction. The children have all come up with a list of Top Tips to help any younger children who want to have a go at column addition and subtraction. Miss Roberts was very pleased to hear that some of the children have already been helping their siblings in Mrs John’s class learn more at home! Well done team.