Notes from the Headteacher 26th June 2020

We are so looking forward to opening school once again. It will be good to hear the sound of children in the classrooms again, albeit in smaller numbers.

Things may look slightly different in classes, more formal than they used to be. A little more like many of us remember when we look back on our own school days. The vast majority of us look back and smile, so I am sure the children will be fine. It will be another adventure for them. When they see all the staff smiles greeting them they will be reassured immediately.

Everyone has been doing a great job of reassuring pupils and parents that we will be keeping everything as safe as we can. This doesn’t mean it won’t be enjoyable and welcoming for pupils. We will just have a few more housekeeping rules to follow to ensure everyone’s safety but this shouldn’t impact pupil well-being.

Mrs John and I were becoming tired of ‘The Plan’ initially it was for four weeks and included both Nursery and Early Entitlement. We were then told by FCC that Nursery and Early Entitlement couldn‘t return to school this term. We were still  planning for 4 weeks but then had to go back to the drawing board when the return became three weeks once again. The other aspect that has been difficult to manage from a staffing perspective. This is why we have had to reduce the length of the school day as we are unable to give staff a break as staff can’t cross between ‘bubbles’.

All the Risk Assessments have been completed, this was an enormous task. Mrs Fowles has ensured we have ample stocks of PPE and Cleaning products. The Nercwys Cleaner has supported Ian our Caretaker and between them the school looks sparkling ready for the return.

I have asked the lovely Mrs Biddle to help with co-ordinating everything so if you forget which entrance you should be using, she is there to help point you in the correct direction.

I think the children will enjoy having a relaxed approach to school uniform rules. Staff will also be more informal. We just ask that everyone comes in clean clothing everyday to prevent the spread of infection. Please leave any bags at home and just bring a drink bottle in with you.

The teachers have done a good job of educating children virtually and will continue to do this over the next three weeks. It will be so good to see and hear children in school once again.

The main focus of this time will be ‘Pupil Well-being’ I hope the sun continues to shine as outdoors is the best place to be in terms of wellbeing and keeping safe. I am hoping this will be an enjoyable and valuable ‘Check In’ for all so that we can enjoy the Summer and prepare for September.

A very big thank you to Mrs John and our Nannerch team who have done all they can to help get ready to re open the school. I love Mrs John’s lovely creative Social Distancing rainbow markers. I’m afraid FCC have added to our markers outside including white, bold red and yellow signage! Please have a look at the risk assessments which are now published on the website.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.