Notes from the Headteacher 20th November 2020

We have had another successful week in school the children continue to thrive and enjoy their time. I am so appreciative of the wonderful team I have working in our lovely school. They have a can-do approach and meet all challenges with plenty of positivity. Mrs Biddle must have a sixth sense she always manages to say the right thing and keep everyone smiling.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Foundation group this week. They are such a delight, they are a supergroup and our school has such a bright future based on thisgroup of children! Mrs John had given me very clear instructions as to the routine of spelling tests in Year 2. They all worked so hard and they were a credit to our school and their parents. Every child gave of their very best, and were so polite and considerate of each other. They were so independent with all their tasks.

Foundation Phase have continued to really enjoy the work on the book Oliver’s Vegetables. Most of their learning has been based around this theme instead of tens and units we have had carrots and sprouts! Maths and Science can be great fun, they have been sorting food into healthy and unhealthy they were all able to explain their reasoning. It was lovely to see that Erin had used all her knowledge of trees to identify and label our trees at school. Thank you Erin.

Foundation Phase have also been making soup this week, the children had a wonderful time peeling and chopping all the vegetables. They made some delicious smelling soup but that is all I had a smell! They ran out of soup before they could serve me, I felt like Oliver Twist ‘please Miss can I have some?’

It was a good job that Janice was looking after me and gave me a mince pie- the first of the year.

The early years pupils have also been thinking about keeping healthy and they have created a vegetable patch.

Miss James, our student had more lessons to teach this week and was full of praise for Year 3 and 4 and how hard they were working for her.

Mrs Pierce will be in our Bishop’s Visitor, Mrs Cath Yeardley’s good books, Year 5 and 6 wrote and presented their reflective prayers. They have also looked at our Mission Statement to review it. They had a fantastic discussion about what a Mission Statement was, they wanted to recognise our school values and our distinctive Christian character. They had some wonderful suggestions to share with the Nercwys pupils.

I have had lots of virtual meetings this week. I am on the Trust Board for the Diocese of St Asaph. I had that meeting on Monday evening. I was really pleased at how much of a mention Ysgol Nannerch had. We were praised for all our Wellbeing activities during Lockdown and for the Year 6 Leavers song. It was lovely to see pictures of our pupils being shown to the committee as models of good practice.

I have also had a Governors sub- committee meeting last night. We had some really worthwhile discussions about a variety of topics. An aspect of the discussion must have sparked Mr Kevin Weston’s thoughts. He emailed me much later, having reflected about the value of small schools. I was saying how well rounded our pupils are, as they move forward into Secondary- they are not used to standing back and letting more confident classmates lead.  They are our choir, dance group, sports team etc. Kevin’s three daughters were educated here and I thought it would be nice to share his reflection:

Our small schools as catalysts!

A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.


A student that increases the rate of their balanced development in a small school ready for the requirements of of life in the big school!