Notes from the Headteacher 11th December 2020

The Advent sparkle remains in school, Mrs Whitehead was busy putting up some lights in the Foundation Phase classroom. The Angel window looks wonderful when ot is lit up in the Foundation Phase classroom.

I was startled by a crack outside the Year 5 and 6 classroomone morning. I went to investigate the noise. I was greeted by lots of smiles as they were making Christmas crackers! I think they were really amused that they had made me jump. Year 5 and 6 are making wonderful Christmas stars. Mrs John was saying that hers came out every Christmas.

Everyone is enjoying the last two weeks of school. The Christmas lunch was enjoyed by all! The staff are doing their utmost to make everything as enjoyable as they can for all the pupils.

Our new pupils who have joined us are full of smiles and are obviously enjoying life at our lovely school. Welcome to Nannerch!

Year 3 and 4 are obviously really enjoying their Animations. One pupil was so enthusiastic I said I would have to make sure he told our School Challenge Advisor how enthusiastic he was about life in school. He had really enjoyed the pen portraits and their Animation activity is a big hit.

We have had a full Governors meeting this week and I discussed the Headteachers report that I had presented for the Federation. I send out the Headteachers report a week in advance alongside most of the other paperwork. This stops everyone having to read everything the night before.

I had to tell our Governors that events had happened quickly and that we had received an email from Newydd that they were closing the Nannerch kitchen. I was aware that the school meal system in Nannerch was operating at a loss but I wasn’t expecting everything to happen this quickly.

The Governors were in complete agreement that this was such a loss to the school. We are losing school cooked meals but also a fantastic cook in Mrs Bellis. Her face always brightens when she sees the children and can see them appreciating any little treats. The children the biscuits but the staff the mince pies! She is someone who always takes pride in her work. We are so disappointed as school staff.

This isn’t just a concern for Nannerch but also a lot of other schools in the surrounding area and not just the small schools like us. This change is also impacting much larger schools. Our meals will be cooked in County Hall and this is the information I have received from Newydd:

‘An integral part to the NEWydd Modernisation Programme will be the upgrade and installation of a reliable central production kitchen that is capable of delivering large numbers of meals without compromising quality of service. Weeks of planning have gone into the central production kitchen model, planned out by NEWydd staff with many years’ experience as well as input from industry leaders and suppliers. The result, a £70,000 refurbishment that is capable of delivering thousands of freshly cooked meals every day.’

This will be no replacement for our lovely, talented cook but the school who will be very much missed by all. Unfortunately, the school has no control over this decision. I have warned Newydd that we have high expectations.

We also weren’t expecting the latest announcement about primary school closure from next Wednesday. I was convinced that we would continue in school. We will be offering childcare provision to key worker families who are eligible and require it on the Thursday and Friday.

We will also be offering Blended Learning provision for the other pupils.

Blended Learning ~ This is another term used for home - school learning and is delivered if pupils are having to work from home. 

Pupils will access work on virtual platforms: 

KS2: Google Classroom found on each individuals child Hwb account. Hwb is a website which was set up via Welsh Government and every pupil and staff member can access this if they live in Wales. Each pupil was given their unique login details prior to lockdown in March and used it successfully during that time. If you don’t have these details or are struggling to access your child’s class please contact school via email. 

Foundation Phase: Seesaw 

All foundation Phase parents now should be accessing Seesaw to see their children’s learning in school. Foundation Phase staff will send out on here the learning for the day. 

Each class will be set 1 maths, 1 language and one other activity for the day. 

Teachers will mark and comment on any pupils work which is returned that day before 3pm. If any Teacher is working in the Hub they may not respond to pupils learning until the following working day. 

If you don’t have access to a computer we can provide the learning activities on paper. So please request this on Monday next week. 

School would normally be a fun celebratory time on the last 2 days of the Autumn Term. We would be having parties making cards, crafts and playing games. 

We will bring forward the class Christmas parties to Wednesday 16th so pupils can come to school dressed in their Christmas jumpers or party clothes. 

We are so sorry for this late announcement; however, we are here to support the best we can. 

At least we had a lovely end to the week, the film night was a great success. The ice cream sundaes were a big hit. Thank you Miss Williams, Miss Douggie and Mrs Whitehead! Foundation Phase are super lucky as Mrs John is going to do the same again on Wednesday afternoon as one of her pupils was so disappointed that they couldn’t make tonight.

What a lovely teacher, I wonder if I can get my work done so that I can join them – at a distance as I am not in the bubble.