Notes from the Head 8th November 2019

We had a very official start to our new half term. School Council are taking their role very seriously. they requested we had worship first thing on Monday morning. They wanted to take the time to outline their new behaviour strategies. They have worked closely with Nercwys School Council to plan the best approach. They have introduced a new system of Golden Time, when pupils can choose their favourite activities on a Friday afternoon. This will hopefully further encourage positive behaviour in school. They also explained that we were going to try and avoid lining up in the mornings and after playtimes. The children would instead be asked to walk into school sensibly being mindful of walking inside. School Council members, Peter, Rowan and Sam did a very good job of explaining this strategy to the other pupils. A big well done to them!

During the week all School Council members were asked to meet with Flintshire County Council. They were given information about Lixwm School changing its status to become a Church Aided School. The process of consultation was explained and they were asked to vote on the motion. They did this formally in an official ballot box. The pupils were very polite, extremely well mannered and demonstrated a lot of knowledge about the democratic process. I am very proud of them.

Pupils have worked so hard all week and enjoyed their Golden Time! This week the outdoor fun was ‘Toilet Tag’ and netball! Toilet tag is a version of ‘stuck in the mud‘ but a sounded a lot more fun! Next week pupils are planning cricket outside, whilst indoors pupils have chosen Lego, games and painting. We had a lot of fun in After School Club promoting our first event. We are promoting our club to ensure it remains financially viable. We are really keen to keep delivering our level of service. The film night with hot chocolate and hot dogs was very well supported and all places were filled! We are looking forward to the next event so watch this space. We would like to invite you all to our special Armitice performance recognising the contributions from Captain Archdale on Monday at 2.15pm Please join us if you can, tea and cakes will be served after the performance!