Notes from the Head 7th February 2020

The excitement is beginning to build as we move closer to half term and the Valentine’s Disco. This year we are having a glow disco – with the instructions to dress in neon/white to make you glow. Unfortunately, I think it might take a little more than that for us older participants to glow – but you never know. A lot of the Nercwys children are disappointed that it clashes with Cubs and a Sports Class that they attend so they won’t be able to come along to the disco. Children these days have far busier social lives than we ever had!  Parents are so good, and have to be very organised to get them to all their classes on different days. I am sure everyone is going to have a fantastic time at the disco. Thanks again to the PTA for organising it once again and to all the parents who stay and help, especially DJ Tucker. The disco is on Thursday evening 6pm - 7.30pm.

We had our Governors sub-committee meetings last week and we have the full Governing Body meeting on Monday evening 10th February.

We have an after school club AGM on Wednesday evening at 5.30pm. Please do try and attend if you use the Club.

Key Stage 2 continue to work hard developing their theme of the Second World War. They have been completing some very interesting inquiry based learning with high quality artefacts. Osian Tucker showed great interest in the topic and brought his Great Grandad’s medals and his messenger hat into school for the class to see. He also brought in a newspaper cutting of his Great Great Uncle whose boat was torpedoed in the war. Osian told everyone how special these items were to him. They also looked at old coins from 1891 to 1967, Rowan said ‘They smell like onions’, they looked at the Heads on the coins and were able to sequence the monarchs between 1891 and 1967. They had a think about the monetary system pre decimalisation.

Year 3 and 4 have been reading the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in Welsh, yr ‘Hugan Fach Goch ‘, thisis very much a talk for writing approach to learning -where pupils are able to say the story out loud and then use this to support their writing. This style of teaching has been used for a while when teaching Literacy, the same techniques are now being applied within a second language.

Another highlight was the Gymnastics session where the children had to perform a routine of jumps, rolls and balances. Ollie said ‘It was good fun, we had a laugh.’

Everyone will be looking forward to the Play in a Day with Mrs Meakin. They all thoroughly enjoyed the work with her on Captain Archdale on Remembrance Day. I think they will have more opportunity to co-write the script this time. They will be performing their production at 2.15pm on Monday and we welcome any parent’s/family members/members of the community who read this to come along. We love having an audience. I am in the process of trying to organise a suitable date for Foundation Phase to do something similar. Foundation Phase are going to be thinking about Florence Nightingale after half term, within the umbrella theme of ‘your country needs you’.

Year 1 and 2 have enjoyed their ‘Walkwise’ activity once again, this week it was ‘sneak, peak’. They have been wrapped up against the elements alongside Mrs Biddle and Derek. Mrs Biddle now has a certificate for being the best ‘Walkwise Assistant’, best not tell Howard he has a rival in Derek! Foundation Phase have been busy with lots of other work – phonic games, solving maths problems and matching the word, painting numbers. They have been experimenting with items that float and sink.

Within PE the children have been throwing and catching and using dance movements to explore themes.

A very big thank you to the Foundation Phase staff for working so hard to support the Children in Mrs John’s absence. Mrs John is having to spend time focussing on her family. We really do miss her lovely, calm presence but she has given so much to the school over the years and it is our turn to support her. The other staff have done their very best and this has reduced the effect on the pupils.

We continue to focus on Behaviour Management and we ask parents/carers to support us in reinforcing our Golden Rules. We ask them to be respectful of one another and with all staff and visitors.

I attended a Diocesan Conference on Wednesday afternoon. The main agenda item was the changes within the Curriculum. Ysgol Nannerch alongside Nercwys and other schools in the Consortium are working hard to embrace the New Curriculum. This will continue to be a major focus within our School Improvement Plan.

Religious Education is part of the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience and is being changed to become Religion, Values and Ethics. I did have a little smile as Isobelle was quick to tell me at the end of an Assembly that I talked a lot about Values – I was very impressed that she had picked up on that and that she had such high Oracy skills explaining her reasoning.

I do hope everyone has a restful weekend and can give of their best for the last week of the half term.