Notes from the Head 6th December 2019

What a super start to the week; we had a lovely day with Nercwys Foundation Phase children coming to the Winter wonderland that is Nannerch Forest Schools area. We went outdoors and Mrs John had used all her skills from ‘Mantle of the Expert’ training for Flic a Flac to set the Nantlwys Foundation Phase a task: to decorate the trees for the Robin Goch (Red Robin), and making bird feeders for the hungry birds.

Janice our wonderful cook made some hot chocolate to keep everyone nice and warm.

We had a very exciting time in the Forest area. It was great fun to have all our friends from Nercwys to play with over lunch time. Nercwys children enjoyed taking advantage of all the space available in Nannerch. The Nercwys teachers were very envious of the Forest area, and the nice big playground.  After lunch they had a little time in class before the Fflic a Fflac show started. Ysgol y Foel Foundation children arrived just in time.

The show was great fun; the children were repeating Welsh words and joining in with the songs. Most importantly they had a lovely time. It was wonderful to hear the giggles from a lot of the children. At times they were shouting their answers to the puppets whilst stifling fits of laughter.

We said goodbye to all our friends both Fflic a Fflac and from the other schools.

The practices for the Christmas performances have moved up a gear. The stage is up and everyone is getting their parts word perfect. They are making sure they hit the right notes with their songs.

The naughty elves are up to their tricks again. Let’s hope Mrs Biddle gets them under control! They even rearranged the fairy lights in the school hall.

We have also established the Christmas Mantle – commission to see how much money we can raise to buy a whiteboard for the hall. This would help us to project the lyrics to songs, amongst other things.

Mrs Pierce’s class have been wonderfully creative this week. I have been so impressed with their tie dyeing. I saw Osian’s tee-shirt first, and this certainly had the wow factor. The other children rushed to show me their work. I saw Rosie and Emma’s bags but neither of them wanted to take the hint when I said they were just my colour!! Tilly was extremely proud of her work and struck a model’s holding up her tee-shirt.

We ended the afternoon with our Open the Book worship which is always enjoyable. The children involved in the worship were all real stars as always. We sang one of my favourite songs ‘I’m gonna make a difference’ . I think the worship helps us to focus on our values on a Friday afternoon.

The school week didn’t finish there, as we had 10 children booked into After School Club and they were doing a fantastic job of making pizzas. I was trying to decide whose house to go to for tea.