Notes from the Head 4th December 2020

The time has come, we are in Advent. The spirit of Christmas is on the way and we can see the sparkle in school.

A very big thank you to the Diocese for all the support they have given with Taith Advent, this has been a wonderful journey for everyone and Mrs Downes is still sharing her sparkle with both schools.

The longer I work in Nannerch the more I come to appreciate the wonderful community that we have. We had prospective parents looking around the school last Friday evening. They could sense the lovely atmosphere in school as Mrs john and I showed them around. I did tell them if they joined the school they would also be part of a warm, welcoming community.

A very big thank you to the Church community for making everything special for the children as well, especially for the Christingles and creating a giant Advent Calendar in the village. It is wonderful.

Everything will be a little different this year but the staff are already working hard to make sure we retain the magic of the Season. Mrs John’s class looked wonderful, they were organising where everyone was going to stand for their virtual performance. We want to see everyone’s smiling face but we also need to see the angels in the back drop. They are going to look fantastic. Mrs Biddle and Mrs Whitehead, who are as always in charge of backdrop design and props are determined it is going to be as fabulous as ever. Mrs Biddle is already auditioning for any stand in opportunities!

I managed to time it very badly and walk in the class with a message just as they were filming in Foundation Phase. The glimpse I saw looked very impressive! Well done Miss Douggie, your filming looked super!

Year 3 and 4 were continuing to work hard, but a very enjoyable activity. They were finishing their art work to illustrate their pen portrait. One pupil was thrilled, as I have promised to show his work to the Teachers in Nercwys I was so impressed! They have also begun their digital Stop Animation project based on this years Diocese text, ‘Refuge’. I’m looking forward to seeing these. A super example of the Digital Competency Framework and working within the new Welsh Curriculum.

Year 5 and 6 are also starting to feel very festive. They have been showing off their creations today. Within Forest school they have been cutting pieces for a wooden star, Mrs Pierce was certainly making them work hard.

They have also created God’s eye - with a positive view on all that has been created. They have thoroughly enjoyed researching reindeers and making their Christingles. I also caught a sneak preview of them starting to practice their presentation, super oracy skills!

The Christmas card order arrived and were quickly sorted. I do hope everyone was pleased with what had been ordered. Everything looked so good.

Christmas lunch is on Wednesday for everyone to enjoy. We are also having a film night on Friday in After School Club – one of my favourites Arthur Christmas, that and an Ice Cream Sundae. The finish time is 4.45, so a good opportunity to finish some errands.

I did send a letter from the Welsh Assembly encouraging everyone to wear masks for drop off and pick up from school. We did have a discussion as a staff and we felt there was less risk at the main entrance, the area around Foundation Phase and the Year 3 and 4 entrance staff did feel a little more vulnerable. This was especially true if they needed to speak to parents.

We would appreciate your support with this. We are not expected to enforce this as a school just to share the expectation from Welsh Assembly.