Notes from the Head 3rd July 2020

What a lovely week!

It was so nice to have pupils back in school. I know everyone hasn’t had the chance to come back and say hello yet, but those who have will give the experience a big thumbs up I am sure. We have had a lovely email this morning from a Parent Governor to say as much, and I have also been told the same by Parents at the school gates.

Can I say a big thank you to all the staff, who throughout this time have been a very supportive . Everyone has played their part in ensuring the children have returned to a safe, clean environment that has also been welcoming.

When the pupils arrived, any last minute concerns about the return to school quickly disappeared when they saw everyone’s smiles. We have kept everything as safe as possible, but it is lovely to hear that the classes have also been welcoming. We have tried to make the wearing of PPE when necessary as non-threatening as we can for pupils. Mrs Biddle gets the award for this - she has really made everyone chuckle, I can’t compete with her in my PPE!

A big thank you to our parents who have been so supportive of our new procedures. They have also embraced the changes with a smile

Parents have also been sharing experiences of our lovely school with others. Mrs John and I were showing prospective parents the outside of the school. This wasn’t something we expected to be doing at this time. This was following Parental recommendations and a visit to the Toddler session in school.We did allow the new parents a peep into the Foundation Phase classroom from the external doorway.

The new parents live in Rhydymwyn and I think they try and chat to other parents who live in that area about starting to use the taxi service. We have had this service since Rhydymwyn school closed. We would like to keep this service. The pupil who currently uses this regularly is in Year 6. We do not want to lose this facility as they move into Secondary Education. I know it is hard with younger pupils to put them in a taxi, but they would be travelling with Friends. I am mindful that if this service is lost now, it may not be offered again in the future.

Can I say a very big thank you to Jeff Cook, who kindly offered to help school but cutting and tidying the area around the Eco classroom. We discussed it on Monday, and by Tuesday whilst I was in Nercwys Mrs Biddle sent a picture of the area and how fantastic it now looked. I think Jeff Cook was supported by Dave Hughes and Pete Barwick. A big thank you to all three, they could audition for DIY SOS or one of the programmes that organises transformations! Thank you very much indeed to them for all their time and energy. They have made the area inviting once again for pupils. I don’t think they are likely to read this, we will also send a letter and the children in Mrs John’s class have made a card. If as Parents or Governors, you see them will you please pass on thanks.

We look forward to next week to see more of our lovely children’s faces! We also received a nice email from one of our neighbours. She also said - how good it was to hear the sound of children in the school and on the playing fields. She hadn’t realised how much she had missed it. I think we all feel the same.