Notes from the Head 31st January 2020

The children continue to work hard and to thrive.

A very big thank you to Mrs Whitehead, Miss Williams and Mrs Sarah Williams who continue to be a very strong link between playgroup and Nursery. Any pupils we have joining us who have already been to Nursery are very confident when coming into school. We have had Lila for Early Entitlement join us and Erin has had the chance to be big sister in school. The children are so confident coming into school.

This will work very nicely if all the good work from the toddler sessions on a Friday morning, building on confidence of the children as they enter school. They always make me smile when I see them enjoying all the soft play equipment and the toys. The provision varies each week but the smiles are always in abundance. The parents look relaxed within a safe environment for their children, and they are glad of a valuable bit of catch up time.

The year 1 and 2 groups had the ‘walk wise’ activity. I passed them on my way between schools. They were wearing their little reflective jackets and finding out about road safety. They have been taught to Stop, Look, Listen and Think. They talked about the difference between a pavement and a road. They were asked – what is a kerb? I am sure if you ask them all about it you will find out how to stay safe on the road! They have also created an emergency vehicle within the creative provision area. Foundation Phase have also been completing a Super Hero fact file.

Years 3 and 4 have been continuing the theme of warhorse. They have been continuing their Mantle and designing some fantastic bravery medals. Years 5 and 6 have been continuing the theme of electricity and circuits. Their Pen Portrait Learning wall is really taking shape.

The Open the book assembly was a treat as always with some puppets coming to visit and act out the story. The children were all totally engaged. A big well done to everyone on all they have achieved this week.