Notes from the Head 29th November 2019

The weeks are starting to flash by, faster and faster as everyone gets busier in the lead up to Christmas. The Christmas spirit has well and truly hit – Mrs Pierce has started to venture into the attic in search of costumes. The children will soon have their ‘Mantle of the Expert’ commission to raise funds on their stalls at the Christmas fair. The children did a fantastic job last year and we are looking forward to the same enthusiasm again this year. Watch out staff Mrs Biddle is feeling competitive!

We had a very successful Learning Walk on Tuesday. Our new Schools Improvement Advisor Mrs Ruth Price Roberts alongside two Governors Mr Johnny Duddle and Mrs Hayley Laidlaw Wilson. I am very appreciative of them giving up their time for the benefit of both schools. I know they are busy people but I wanted the same team in both schools to ensure consistency. They both really enjoyed the day as did Ruth. Ruth said it was a pleasure to be in both schools and it didn’t feel like work. They celebrated all they saw – happy confident pupils in both schools. The Governors especially were impressed at how interesting and relevant the work was to life beyond education.

Year 5 and 6 were creating their own chocolate bars – from concept to product. When we were in they were further refining their adverts with lots of catchy slogans and could explain their use of alliteration. I was a little disappointed not to be around in the afternoon as they were then producing their chocolate bars. I very much wanted to taste Peter’s as he was combining chocolate, honeycomb and whipped mousse which sounds delicious! I will have to ask his classmates about the final product.

In Year 3 and 4 they were writing up Neisha’s diary of her time spent with the Maasai tribe. They had prepared for this by using a Pie Corbett technique of learning a script with actions. When they came to put pen to paper the script was embedded in their memory so that their writing flowed.

In Foundation Phase the children were focusing on the Mathematical skill of measuring. They had lots of practical input from Mrs John asking all the pupils to do some estimating first. Year 2 quickly settled to their task and started working enthusiastically, recording their findings neatly on a sheet. They were measuring using standard units. Year 1 created a model and then measured their model by choosing which non-standard units to use e. g. paper clips, blocks etc. Reception had a fun task, they went outside with Mrs Biddle to measure the Pirate Ship using some plastic feet. This was made even more fun by Mrs Biddle calling them cheesy feet! They had some very accurate estimates before using the feet to measure.

Yr 6 had a super transition morning to Ysgol Y Foel in readiness for their Cardiff trip and move to secondary school. Pupils mixed into new friendship groups from our surrounding small schools and spent the morning solving a challenge, making dens, cooking pizzas, garlic bread and hot chocolate. The morning was very productive and it was so good to see pupils having such a lovely time making new friends. Thank you Ysgol Y Foel!