Notes from the Head 28th February 2020

I hope everyone had an enjoyable half term. Some of the children had obviously been very productive, we had some very impressive Homework activities returned into school. This is a brilliant way for the pupils to make the most of their creative skills and stun the teachers.

Once the pupils had finished discussing their holidays and catching up on the news. The talk quickly turned to Nant BH and all they were looking forward to doing. The Juniors have been excited about it all week. They looked to be having a fantastic time and making the most of opportunities to challenge themselves in the Outdoor Environment. This is an opportunity for pupils to develop their confidence and resilience, understand how to take sensible risks, develop team building skills and most importantly of all, have a great time! I missed the children as they returned as I was in a meeting upstairs. The teachers all said that the children had really enjoyed the experience.

All of the activities completed are carefully linked to the New Curriculum and the Four Purposes that lie at its heart.

A very big thank you to all the staff who accompanied the children. This is a massive responsibility, their commitment is very much appreciated by everyone.

Many thanks also to the staff who have remained in school who have taken on extra responsibilities in their absence.

The Foundation Phase pupils have been enjoying all the new challenge areas in the classroom. You could hear the children enthusiastically discussing which challenge they had completed and which they needed to move on to next. They have also had a big focus on Welsh and the Cwriciwlwm Cymreig (the Welsh dimension of the curriculum) in preparation for St David’s Day. I was extremely impressed at how quickly they learnt a couple of Welsh songs. They picked them up so quickly I asked the children if they had learnt them before! They also sang some other Welsh songs that Miss Douggie had taught them.

Janice decorated the hall beautifully in preparation for St David’s Day. We had to take some flags down though as the burglar alarm wasn’t as patriotic and the alarm went off at a silly hour of the morning. Poor Ian the Caretaker had to come and investigate the fault.

Can I thank everyone who is trying to support After School Club. We could see an increased usage at the beginning of the week. I think everyone is looking forward to upcoming Science activity.