Notes from the Head 27th November 2020

A big thank you to Mrs Whitehead and Miss Douggie for really taking time to make the hall look inviting to learners. Mrs Whitehead very proudly said that she was determined to make the Hall look inviting as it was her classroom. I did tell her that Mrs James one of the Nercwys staff had loved the Ticw display on Twitter and was going to recreate it in Nercwys.

Mrs Whitehead also has plans in place for a Welsh Weather – Y Tywydd display to enhance Welsh language. The Early Years pupils were having a wonderful time and making the most of their Friday afternoon, they were supposed to be giving the babies a bath. They had found a far more interesting a task, they were washing the school instead. Watch out Mr Banks, the Early Years dream team are here and reporting for work.

I went into Year 3 and 4 class at just the right time to meet a very proud pupil who had just completed his reading book. He was almost bursting with pride and enthusiasm to choose his next book. I couldn’t resist a photo! That gave me a nice feeling at the end of the week to see that love of learning.

Years 3 and 4 have just finished their writing process, they had just finished their hot write. They have produced some fantastic character descriptions that are bursting with adjectives, similes and metaphors. I didn’t see their initial cold write, but I can see the finished results are very carefully crafted with high expectations all round! They are illustrating their work by looking at examples of work belonging to portrait artists. They were looking at examples of Pop Art and I think Surrealism. I am sure the final piece of work will be really exciting, I look forward to seeing them. The level of learner engagement was definitely high.

Years 5 and 6 are obviously getting ready to join the Diocese on their Taith Advent. They have created a beautiful Advent Wreath with the Nativity story on display.

Foundation Phase have expressed some poignant emotions from the Taith Advent story, Refuge.

S4C were recording Foundation Phase at Nercwys school yesterday. Their journey through Advent will be shown at 7.15 on Sunday evening. This gives a flavour of the Diocese Christmas resource, Taith Advent and how our Federation is sharing good practice for the 51 Church schools! The reporter Sion described Nercwys school as delightful. I told him I was very lucky to have two lovely schools and that Nannerch was equally delightful. He said he would love to visit and to get in touch with him when we had something to showcase. I am disappointed I didn’t have his contact details last summer when we recorded the song ‘Times like These’ for the YoungMinds Charity. At least I have his number for the future.

Year 5 and 6 like Foundation Phase were making the most of the outdoors, they were planning Forest School activities. They were quick to tell me that they weren’t having a hot chocolate!! I am not sure if I believe them with the half smiles on their faces.

Years 5 and 6 will need to be careful, they had an audience...two elves in isolation and watching everything from their position on the top shelf! They were wearing masks and a visor. They must be waiting for their period of isolation to end before they can cause any mischief in class.