Notes from the Head 24th January 2020

Everyone continues to be busy in school, working hard to support one another as one big team.

You can tell that Years 5 & 6 are only around the corner from the school office, it is always so tempting to pop into class especially as on Monday the buzzing sound coming from class was far more interesting than our Church School Evaluation! The Self Evaluation was important but nowhere near as interesting as the Science investigations going on. The children were very much leading the learning by planning their own investigations. One pair had decided to investigate if there was difference in the brightness of the bulbs if there were two bulbs connected to the same circuit instead of one. I was tempted to have a discussion about ‘Jesus being the Light of the World’ – I resisted!

I did check that the children were able to apply their Christian Values – they did tell me that they were using one of my favourite Values ‘ perseverance’ whilst doing all their problem solving activities. As well as having a fantastic Science lesson there was a focus on developing resilience skills. This is a major focus within our Priority on Pupils Wellbeing and teaching staff are trying to develop ‘Lifelong Learners’. The children were really concentrating on the task in hand.

I was pleased with myself later on that day, as I did have the resilience to complete my task after school when there were no activities in class to distract me.

I then saw some practical problem solving in class. I really enjoy seeing the children so engaged with their Maths lessons. They were once again given a problem and were asked to prove their answers - higher order thinking skills in Maths.

The year 1 children were part of the Welsh Government National Research Survey on Children’s Dental Health. Dr Gareth Davies was leading on this survey. I recognised his voice straight away when he rang, as his parents had previously been my neighbours, I was very pleased with the year 1 pupils who were extremely well behaved and polite and I was extremely proud of them. Dr Davies and his dental nurse was very complimentary about the children’s behaviour and good manners. I knew he was a Welsh speaker so he became one of our ‘Welsh Visitors’ and we practiced our Cymraeg with him.

The staff in Foundation Phase have kept them busy the rest of the week with the story of Noah’s Ark. They used the opportunity to develop Numeracy across the Curriculum by counting the animals in two by two.

They have also been learning about time. The Reception children were thinking about o clock. The older pupils have been working on half past, quarter past and quarter to. They also had a think about ‘Charlie the Firefighter’ and what he does to help us.

Years 3 and 4 are engrossed in their War Horse Mantle and have been completing research based tasks to enable them to write a report.

Our Open the Book worship was enjoyable as always, fantastic acting as always and one of my favourite songs to end ‘I’m gonna make a difference, a big fat fluffy difference in the world’. That is a lovely take home message for the end of the week.