Notes from the Head 22nd November

School Council continue to be very proactive in fulfilling their duties in promoting positive behaviour in school, I sharedsome parental feedback about not asking pupils to line up. Parents are missing the lines, they liked seeing pupils go to their house lines in preparation for the start of the school day. They felt they had safely entrusted their children to the care of their teacher.  After discussion School Council decided to reinstate the lines in the morning. They felt that the system of walking sensibly into school after break and lunch was working well. Pupils felt more trusted, and that it was more effective than waiting for a member of staff to ensure that all the houses had lined up quietly before everyone was allowed into the building. They felt this wasted time and allowed opportunities for pupils to tease one another. Sam carefully recorded their decision.

The classes are all working very hard. Year 3 and 4 are thinking about diary entries. Their focus has a real-world context, as the class have invited Miss Roberts’ sister Neisha into school to speak to them. Neisha has been to Kenya and spent a week with the Masai tribe. This was linked to the CBBC programme ‘A week to beat the world’. The children will then be transporting themselves to a different continent and writing their diary entry as Neisha Roberts and recalling the week spent with the Masai tribe. I am sure our School Improvement Advisor will be very impressed with this activity as it is an excellent example of writing for a purpose.

Everyone continues to work hard on the African theme, but we do have the beginning of excitement and sparkle as we begin to think about Advent and the period of preparation for Christmas. The time of the year has arrived where the children start thinking about the Nativity and their parts in the Christmas Concerts. The staff had this in their mind before breaking up for half term. Mrs Pierce had long since planned for the production and worked out how much rehearsal time was needed. The loft ladder has been down and Mrs Biddle and Mrs Pierce have been working out which costumes are needed and for whom. I think they have just beaten John Lewis, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer with their Christmas adverts; although no doubt they will appear very soon.

We had three stars and the Angel Gabriel all taking pride of place, standing on the bench in the hall. They were listening to their song and doing their very best to look angelic and celestial! The music sounded lovely, Mrs John looked slightly anxious and as always Mrs Biddle reassured saying it would be alright on the night. Foundation Phase by Friday were given a resounding ten out of ten for their performance of one of their songs from Mr John and his parents! They had kindly come in to help erect the stage, their help was much appreciated and they were rewarded with a treat of a performance. The stage being built makes it even more exciting for pupils.

The teaching staff all attended training in the Diocesan Office, St Asaph on developing the Christian Ethos. We always have a list of things to do, but I have seen so many Christian values being demonstrated and celebrated in our school today and that gives me such a sense of pride. I am attending training on maintenance and funding within Church schools this afternoon. This part isn’t as easy to manage, I wish the boiler was as well behaved as the pupils!

After School Club committee are working hard to raise the profile and attract pupils, so that we can maintain a positive financial balance. Please do try and support some of the Christmas activities that are being planned for December.