Notes from the Head 20th September

The weeks just seem to get busier! Foundation Phase really seem to be getting into their stride looking at numbers within 5, numbers within 10 and numbers within 20, according to their age and ability.

They have also been looking at labels and captions, so hopefully they will start to point them out in the environment around them.

The children had a fantastic time in the Forest School, they were weaving in the outdoor environment. They were really engaging with the school theme and even built an African Village within the Den Building area. We definitely needed a calm down afterwards, and Mrs John showed mini yoga techniques within her Service.

Older pupils have been exploring where Africa is, in relation to the equator. They have been taking responsibility for their own learning within the curriculum by investigating and then identifying four pieces of information about Africa.

We held parents’ meetings earlier on in the week. It was good to see so many Foundation Phase parents taking the opportunity to find out all about expectations in the new year groups. I am sure the information shared by Mrs John provided an understanding of what would be expected of the children over the next few weeks. Please do let us know if you want to know anything else or have any concerns. We can usually resolve problems and put minds at rest easily.

We are looking forward to the African drumming workshop and the Macmillan Coffee fundraiser next Thursday.