Notes from the Head 20th March 2020

It has been a challenging week for all of us and we thank you for your patience and support at such a difficult time. The announcement was to close schools as of the 20th March and now systems are rapidly shaping for keyworker parents and vulnerable pupil provision as of Monday 23rd March. The list of hub schools will be shared as soon as schools have this information. We have offered to be a rural school hub but awaiting on the decision from County!

We have ensured that the children have had an enjoyable as well as an educational week. Thank you to Miss Roberts for providing the Glitter Bugs resource! The whole school have enjoyed this as well as it being a great way of teaching pupils how to wash their hands. Isobelle decided that their class should commence an investigation using the Glitter Bug resource. Pupils quickly discovered that they weren't washing their hands effectively through using the machine. Pupils couldn't wait to see if their teachers could wash their hands effectively! Fantastic!

Yr 5 and 6 have enjoyed cooking Easter biscuits which started as a problem to solve! Mrs Pierce only provided the pupils with half the ingredients so pupils had to use their recipes and scales to create their new measurements. Da iawn Pawb!

Foundation Phase have had a super week exploring the den making kit outside and using their physical skills on the bikes. Painting and creating Mothers Day cards looked  fun and the class explored the history of Mothers Day.

We would like to share the Bishops Prayer with you at this challenging time. We will keep you posted of any changes onto the website and PTA Facebook Page. Please stay in touch by email and stay safe.

May the presence of God enfold you, the peace of God fill you, and the Blessing of God be yours, now, and in the days to come. Amen.

A Prayer from Bishop Gregory

Father God,

Jesus taught us that you know all our carers and our fears. Please be with us in this time of worry and illness.

May anyone who is ill know how to give the right help to those who suffer or are worried.

Protect those whom we love, and keep us calm and without fear.

For you are our Father, and love us completely in Jesus’ name we make this prayer.