Notes from the Head 18th October

The pupils have had yet another busy week in school and have enjoyed a variety of activities.

A very big thank you to all the Governors who gave up their time for the

sub-committee meetings this week. We had a number of very valuable discussions with everyone doing their best to move the school forward in the correct manner. I think the curriculum sub-committee were ready to move in ……they were having such an animated discussion about the New Curriculum.

For me, the nicest part of the meeting was as everyone gathered to begin with. The Governors saw KS2’s art work and were marvelling at the children’s skills. They have been painting some African scenes and they were of a very high standard. Mr Kevin Hughes who is the Councillor from Nercwys was really impressed with the quality of work from Orla and Oscar. We are looking forward to seeing the finished articles from all of your pupils!