Notes from the Head 18th July

It was my first leavers service in Nannerch today and as with everything else this was done in style.

We have had a fantastic group of children in Year 6. Today they were definitely the ‘Magnificent Seven’- alongside Mrs Pierce they had planned a fantastic presentation full of personality. They shared their memories, read poetry and sang beautifully. There wasn’t a dry eye left in the Church. Every pupil was given an award that was well and truly deserved.

They were successfully supported by their friends in Year 5. I am sure Year 5 are going to enjoy the summer and then be well and truly ready to take on the responsibility that comes with being in Year 6. I am sure they will become effective role models for the younger pupils.

All the pupils have been enjoying the lighter activities that come with the end of term. We had a penalty shoot out delivered yesterday which everyone loved. Haf set the bar by scoring straight away, a challenge for the older pupils.

Everyone is looking forward to the last day and the Teachers have promised a good day in school! We are all excited about a visit from ‘Nannie Whippie’ and a nice ice cream. I am told they will be offering raspberry sauce and sprinkles too!

The school has had a successful year and I would like to thank everyone for their contributions. The staff and volunteers have all worked hard to give their best for the pupils- many thanks.

I have been finding out how supportive the Nannerch parents are, supporting the pupils in their learning and supporting the events. We also have a lot of hard working parents in the PTA and in the After School Club Committee.

The Governors also devote a lot of their time supporting the school, they manage the school budget very effectively and keep everyone on the right track educationally. A big thank you to them as well.

Good luck to all the Leavers in their new schools. Mrs Tracey Daly is also moving on, she will be very much missed by staff, pupils and parents. We wish her well in her new role.

Have a lovely summer hopefully with plenty of sunshine.