Notes from the Head 18th December 2020

A very big thank you to the Staff who have worked so hard to make this term successful. They have shown great strength,resilience and determination to do their best for the pupils in their care. Thank you to all our Families for showing patience and understanding throughout the term.

Everyone is really enjoying their last day in school. Mrs Pierce came to apologise in advance in anticipation of the noise that was going to come from her classroom today. I have to say that my response was brilliant, have a lovely time make lots of noise - we have a great excuse on the last day!!

Everyone has had a difficult year, but there is a wonderfulsound of laughter and enjoyment drifting into the office. One of the best sounds ever! If it was a scent it could be marketed.

I had to close the Foundation Phase bubble in Nercwys asthere was a positive Covid case. This was such a shame as we have had to move to Blended Learning earlier than planned.

As you can imagine Nercwys school became very quiet as parents decided to keep older siblings away. I am so glad I was in Nannerch at the end of last week so that I wasn’t affected, which meant I could come in for the last week. Everyone continues to be well in Nercwys.

The enjoyment of the last day before Christmas is dampened by the fact that it is Janice’s last day in school. She has been such a wonderful Cook. She is going to be very much missed by everyone! She has been a fantastic member of our team and a friend to everyone. She will be such a loss.

This is Nannerch, so at least we could tell her how much we think of her in style! Janice served yet another delicious lunch and then we had our celebration. She gave out the Brenin yr Wythnos certificates to our wonderful pupils for being good examples of the school values. There was one left at the end,that was awarded to Janice for the value of Friendship which she has shown to everyone during her time in our school. The pupils gave their gifts and we had a very loud three cheers.

Janice asked me to say thank you to all the parents for her lovely gifts. She has been overwhelmed and touched by everyone’s kindness.

The afternoon brought even more fun and enjoyment as Foundation phase started to party. Mrs John made sure everyone was enjoying the last afternoon as promised, I couldn’t resist a photo of DJ Douggie! Mrs Whitehead looked brilliant in her Christmas jumper and I can always rely on Mrs Thomas to say she liked my sparkly jumper. Miss Williams wasn’t being outdone though, such is her devotion to the school – she has bought a new coat in school colours. She was laughing as I insisted on taking a photo.

I have been so impressed with the recorded concerts. We couldn’t come together as we usually do but this way everyone gets to see the pupil’s achievements as many times as they like! The work the staff have put into this shows how much everyone enjoys their role in school. The children have all shone. A big thank you to the Rev Stroud for letting us use the Church for Key Stage 2 which makes the video so atmospheric. The Foundation Phase video melted my heart, they are so fantastic. I think that will be cherished by all. Well done Mrs John for not recording ‘not now Mrs Meaden’ I half expected an outtake of Mrs Biddle saying that to me! I always seemed to walk in at the wrong moment.

Year 3 and 4 Animations are fantastic, well done Miss Roberts and pupils. I wish I had that technical ability. I am so impressed at how clever that is.

I would like to wish everybody a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Have a lovely time with your families.