Notes from the Head 17th January 2020

Everyone is in full swing after the holidays. The children are enjoying all the learning activities. Years 3 & 4 did indeed have the problem solving activity of putting a bridle together. There was definitely a smell of saddle oil in the classroom!

Years 5 & 6 are very much enjoying their Mantle. I look forward to finding out how they are progressing. Everyone in KS2 are enjoying their topic on the Second World War. The pupils are thoroughly enjoying leading the learning and doing their own research. Ollie and Rowan are obviously so used to looking at Christian symbols coming from a Church school background. They decided to look at the symbol of Nazi Germany. They were extremely engaged in their research as they told me that the swastika was based on an ancient Sanskrit symbol that had been reversed/ adapted by the Nazi party.

Miss Williams was making the most of outdoor learning this week whenever she could before the weather changed again especially with Storm Brendan. Foundation Phase are finding out about their topic in true Mantle style but I don’t want a telling off from Mrs Biddle for telling the parents before the children have discovered it for themselves!

All the KS2 pupils are enjoying their swimming sessions, I was really pleased to hear that the staff at the Leisure Centre had been full of praise for the children.

We have the Dentist coming in to check Year 1’s teeth on Monday as part of a National campaign, well done parents in once again returning all your forms. I wonder if the pupils will be dressing up as dentists and hygienists within the role play area next week.

They currently have an optician’s area, so any offers of old glasses will be gratefully received. I have my homework from Mrs Biddle this week and that is to locate my old glasses and remove the lenses for the children to use.

The children are starting to get excited about forthcoming events especially the Valentine’s disco.