Notes from the Head 17th April 2020

I hope everyone is keeping well, and managing to stay safe.

The school staff have a What’s App group and they have been using that to stay in touch.  Karen Biddle has kept everyone entertained with one of Pam Ayres’ poems. This was about taking stock and appreciating what we have in life, but as you can imagine it made me chuckle!

Everybody’s lives have changed, and a sense of community has really developed. I am not fortunate enough to live in Nannerch or the surrounding area, but I do know there is always a very strong sense of Community. I can only imagine how much this has strengthened further with the latest crisis. I could see this developing as school closed  with everyone doing their best to support the more vulnerable members of the Community. I have heard that the Rev Daniel is supporting services digitally and Karen Biddle has been full of praise. We are also part of the St Asaph Cathedral group and if you would like to receive this link as well please email

The strength that Captain Nick Archdale showed during Wartime will serve as a tremendous example to everyone now.

Our current heroes are the NHS staff and other vital workers who are doing their very best to support everyone. My street was full of people clapping and cheering at 8pm last night and this is echoed across the Country.

When school closed on the Friday, I arrived home to find one of my family members with Covid symptoms. We then had to isolate for two weeks. I became ill as well, and it has taken a little time to recover fully.

I wasn’t able to support pupils of key workers in either school in the first week of lock-down. I was appreciative of the staff who were able to do so.

Everyone is working well together as a team. The teachers are all hard working hard to ensure that the Google Classrooms have interesting challenges in them.

I love Mrs John’s story-times. I am not sure if I am the only one old enough to have loved Jackanory as a child, I am sure she would gain a regular slot as a presenter.

The Hub has now been established in Bryn Coch school. A lot of work has taken place to set this up and organise it.

I had to have ICT lessons from my 17 year old son! This was to enable me to navigate Microsoft One Drive- which I hadn’t previously used. I am now becoming proficient at uploading returns for the Welsh Government and Flintshire.  This system has been chosen to share pupils’ details as it meets the requirements of Safeguarding and GDPR.

Bryn Coch was selected as the Hub school, as it had traditional classrooms, wet areas and ample outdoor space. As Headteachers we are all contributing. I would also like to say a big thank you to the Head and Deputy Head of Bryn Coch for their work in creating areas where schools have their own little bit of space and independence.  Everyone is doing their best to ensure that the children of key workers and other vulnerable pupils are having a positive experience in the Hub.

I am sure everyone is completing lots of nice activities at home, it is lovely to hear snippets. I have seen some interesting work on cricket from a Year 6 pupil, which I have shared with the Alun.

I think everyone has had to re-evaluate their priorities in life. This has made me step back and appreciate the little things, and I know many of the Heads on our joint site have said the same.

I was really thrilled to see some photos of a fantastic birthday celebration of one of our delightful pupils. This was, I am sure a very different birthday celebration to usual. The family had certainly made the very best of the day. You can tell from the photos that this was a special day, which will always be remembered. I must admit the sheer creativity would put me to shame. I was really cheered when I saw the photos and they weremy little rainbow at the end of that day.

Please email any other photos that can be shared as I think everyone appreciate joining in the celebrations. I know there is a very strong link between parents but there might be nice things to share with other members of the Community.

If you have any pieces of artwork, lego building etc please share photos so we can put it on Twitter or on the blog.

Mrs John has just forwarded me something from Facebook which would also be lovely to share. I am sure that Gaenor Williams will be thrilled at being missed so much. She also surprised herself by showing good tennis skills in the Hub last week!