Notes from the Head 14th February 2020

What a super start to the week for the Key Stage 2, Mrs Meakin came in to do a ‘Play in the Day’ and centred it around the Second World War. Mrs Meakin used some previous research that she had completed as part of an inter-generational project. A number of people shared their memories of the war and the KS2 pupils acted them out. They had a variety of scenes from Neville Chamberlain declaring the country to be at war. We then had scenes from the Homefront children being evacuated. We also had a comparison of experiences where one group of children were evacuated to a very kind home, and the other to a very different household. Goodness me Tilly did a very good job of acting the role of a very strict householder.

This was a day where Nannerch school very much embraced the New Curriculum, Miss Roberts and I were evaluating our progress and mapping out our next steps. Mrs Pierce was supposed to be part of the process but she wasn’t very well. The children, meanwhile, were really engaging with an area that research has demonstrated has a positive impact on pupil learning.

The pupils really enjoyed the activity and hopefully the audience did too. I know Foundation Phase pupils did I could hear their giggles as Tilly used all her acting skills to reprimand her young charges!

What a nice way for them to engage with History too. Miss Masters and I were having a chuckle afterwards about how much they had enjoyed it.

We had a meeting for anyone who wanted information on the visit to Nant BH. Again it was brilliant to see how well the activities link to the New Curriculum. I am sure everyone is looking forward to going, I know my son Thomas is, he is really looking forward to seeing his friends from Nercwys and Nannerch.

I had a telling off from Mrs Biddle, as the walk wise gentleman’sname is Richard not Derek! I know this is quickly becoming a highlight of the week in the Foundation Phase class. The pupils and Mrs Biddle have been enjoying their outing. I will have to make sure I book this for both schools again. Mrs Biddle says they have done a really good job of making pupils aware of the dangers and how to act appropriately whilst walking on the roads.

The Valentine’s disco was a great success and very much enjoyed by all, such a super idea to have a glow disco. Well done Liz, innovative as always. The P.T.A are brilliant at supporting the school and have managed to fund a new projector in the hall. This will be much appreciated by everyone, especially for the Open the Book Worship.

I am so appreciative of the ‘Love Yourself Day’ today! I have had a very busy week – we had Nant B.H meeting on Monday, followed by Governors meeting in Nercwys, Maths of the Day Active training on Tuesday for teaching staff from both schools, Nannerch After School Club AGM on Wednesday and the Valentine’s disco on Thursday! After such a hectic week I have appreciated a dress down day today.

The Open the Book service was a great end to the half term. The Foundation Phase  pupils did an amazing job of acting out the story along side Wendy, Lindsey and Sue. A big well done to all of them.

I would like to wish everyone a lovely half term break.