Notes from the Head 13th March 2020

A little bit of good news to start the blog, Mrs John will be back in school on Monday as part of a phased return. She has been in this week, the children may have told you. Everyone is so pleased to welcome her back, she has been very much missed by everyone – and no one more than me!

The children’s faces lit up when she popped in earlier in the week,they were excited to see Mrs John!

Mrs Jane Meakin came into school on Tuesday to create a play in a day about Florence Nightingale and all her efforts in the Crimean war. The focus was very much on the Pioneering lady and the difficulties that she encountered as a female. They were able to use props to add interest to the performance. There was a good turnout from parents etc to provide an audience. Thank you for supporting.

We very much appreciated Jane Meakin’s support in helping us to make our Remembrance worship special as we wanted to focus on a local hero Captain Archdale. The work she supported the children in producing was extremely special, his family kindly brought him to the service and you could see he was beaming at their performance and depiction of his contributions in the war. He really enjoyed the performance and was obviously touched at the way they had chronicled his bravery. We remember this with sadness as Captain Archdale has recently passed away, but we can be sure that his achievement in the war effort are in the memories of the Key Stage 2 pupils and the audience who attended.

The children continue to work hard and enjoy all the school activities. We had some enjoyable and educational activities going on in both Key Stages. Foundation Phase are continuing to make the most of the outdoor learning. We have had a team approach to organising the outdoor area and Mrs John has said she would like a new house/shed/hut for the outdoor area. She was going to the recycling area so I suggested she popped into P and A and unsurprisingly she now has a wish list! The PTA did ask for a wish-list! The wish-list is getting longer, Nercwys have got discs that you can step on that play a note and I was trying to describe them to Mrs Fowles so she could order some for Nannerch. I had said Miss Masters could bring them for the children to try and she did that yesterday, the children were smiling as they tried them out and took turns in playing the other musical instruments. We had lots of noise!!

I went to the Head teachers conference earlier in the week. The main focus of the conference was supporting vulnerable learners and they had some very interesting and enthusiastic presenters with lots of key messages. There was also a discussion about Covid 19, the Coronavirus. You can imagine that as Headteachers this was our immediate concern within the current climate. We were reassured that Flintshire CC would support with any individual queries and were very much acting under the guidance of Public Health Wales. We will have to watch and see what happens as we move forward. I have shared all the information received with parents and I will continue with this.