Notes from the Head 10th July 2020

Another lovely week!

We have had another set of pupils in school this week.

Everyone has had a fantastic ‘Check in’ once again. There was a more mixed response this week as everyone started to arrive on Monday morning. Mrs Biddle and I were welcoming and reassuring everyone as they arrived, some pupils looked really excited to be back whilst others needed a little more support.

We once again guided everyone to the correct entrances. As soon as pupils saw the smiling faces of the teachers welcoming them into the classes they immediately relaxed. They were all smiles, and they enjoyed all the planned activities. I don’t think James stopped smiling the whole time he was here. I felt a little unkind as Emma his big sister wanted to check that he was ok and I had to stop her crossing the bubbles. I promised Emma that he was having a super time and she was reassured by his smile when she saw him afterwards. Children in larger primary schools wouldn’t normally think like that, but that is the lovely part thatNannerch school has such a supportive family atmosphere.

A big thank you once again to all the staff, teaching, supportand cleaning who have helped make this ‘Check in’ so successful. Staff have gone above and beyond their job descriptions as always. As good as all the Google Classrooms and remote learning has been, it really doesn’t compare with the classroom experience and that opportunity to socialise with friends. Everyone has been fantastic at making this experience as welcoming and reassuring as possible whist keeping everyone safe. The Nannerch team approach everything with such a positive attitude and good humour. Mrs Biddle always manages to raise a smile as you will see from the photos.

A big well done to Parents too, for quickly adapting to the new systems in place. Parents have encouraged pupils to wash their hands or sanitise and use the correct entrances. Mrs John commented yesterday afternoon that she liked welcoming everyone straight into the Foundation Phase class.

I am sure everyone was really pleased to hear the news yesterday that everyone will be returning to school in September. Flintshire have already suggested that the Sept 1stand 2nd should be training days, they have then suggested a staggered start of year groups on the 3rd with an increase on the second week. I don’t want to say too much as yet as I am conscious of how many changes we had this last time from the original plan. Mrs John and I were on version 4 or 5 by the end.

We will have to revisit the risk assessments to ensure that we can deliver all that the Welsh Assembly have asked, as safely as possible. The Chair of Governors has already checked that I am aware that new risk assessments will need to be created.  

You can also be reassured that we will be doing all that we can to see what we are able to offer in terms of Before and After School Club. We really need to be able to move forward in this area too. We are all very aware that Parents will need this facility.

We look forward to another successful week before the Summer holidays.