Notes from the Head 10th January 2020

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

Can I wish everyone a Happy New Year. The children have returned to school having enjoyed a good holiday and ready to learn. The children have been so full of enthusiasm about all the excitement of Christmas and their presents. They have enjoyed telling us all about their holidays. I saw some lovely accounts in Foundation phase.

I was also very impressed that all of the KS2 children had brought their swimming kits and had a very enjoyable lesson

The teachers all had Mantle of the Expert training on Monday which was excellent and ideal at the start of term. Mantle is a style of teaching which a mixture of drama in inquiry-basedlearning. It is all about catching the children’s interest and giving them ownership of their learning.

Many aspects on Mantle are already being used in school currently, but this training gave both Nannerch and Nercwys staff reassurance that they are taking the correct approach and offered some other ideas. It has been fantastic seeing this being put into action in KS2 this week. Year 5 and 6 were searching for safety on the underground in the Blitz. They were all enthusiastically telling me all that they had found out and researched. Years 3 and 4 were finding out about the war horses and their contribution. I think Miss Roberts is intending to bring in a horse’s bridle for the children to try and put together. Some real-life problem solving!

We had a thank you assembly from the NSPCC yesterday. They were extremely pleased with the response as the children had raised over £220 which will be further increased when gift aid is considered. This was a fantastic achievement, so thank you very much for your generosity. I asked the children which values had been shown and they were able to respond with Compassion, Community, Friendship and Perseverance (they persevered in their dancing and circuit training).

On Friday morning it was the Fire Service’s turn to come and speak to the children. Firefighter Emma was very engaging and she told the children about their role in the community and all the different aspects of their work. She explained the importance of a smoke alarm and how they are used to protect us. You may find the children wanting to look for and test smoke alarms this weekend. Lastly, we had a look at the protective clothing worn by firefighters and we had firefighter Tilly wearing the jacket, Firefighter Sam wearing the gloves and Firefighter Alfie wearing the helmet and showing the visor. The children really enjoyed this, many thanks to Firefighter Emma for visiting.

We ended the week with the Open the Book worship. The

children did a super job in their acting roles as always.