21st April 2018

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Notes from the Head:

Great to see the sunshine at last, well done to everyone for thinking ‘sunsafe’ with hats, sunscreen and water.  I do hope the weather lasts it certainly makes a difference to us all.

This week we have been very busy with our rehearsals for ‘Gorilla Dawn’.  This is an exciting project for the two schools Nannerch and Nercwys, as we bring our two communities together to share the talents of our children.  The children have been very busy rehearsing all week, it is a challenging story however the children are all doing well…just another weekend to focus on learning of lines and then the show.

We have planned to take all the children down to the Alun School for a rehearsal on Wednesday 25th April.  We will remain at the Alun School until the show which begins at 6pm.  (Doors open at 5.40pm).  Seats are limited so we suggest two per family, however if you would like more please do contact us.

I do hope you can join us for this special celebration of our village schools.  The School Council and their subcommittees have been really busy this week.  The Toilet Council have ‘twinned’ with two toilets and are now awaiting more details about the villages they are supporting.  Good Food Gang are busy preparing to paint the design on the walls in the Kitchen serving area.  Playground committee are working with Mr Wright to help clear the moss from the court and are working to make play times more inclusive.  

Martha has created a super video of the work by all the committees, well done to everyone involved.

Dates for your diary:

Please note the Welsh National Tests will be taking place for Years 2 through to 6 during the first two weeks of May. 

The period of testing will run from Wednesday 3rd May to Wednesday 9th May. 

Dates (see calendar for all dates)

Mrs Downes


News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we have enjoyed finding out about Probability in maths, probability is how likely something is to happen, it is also called ‘chance’.  We played games with spinners, dice and coins.  We had to put the results into charts and used fractions and percentages to describe the probability.

In Science we started to think about the universe and found information about the Big Bang. We are using the ipads and Padlet to organise our questions and facts found.

In Guided Reading we researched and used our reading skills to answer questions based on reports of Astronauts who are going into space for a year. We found out what it might be like to live in space.

We are starting to find out about the Jewish religion and we used our problem solving skills to answer a mystery question.  Then we thought about what belief is and why we all need to feel sure about some things. We thought of three promises we could make to help make the planet Earth a better place to live, for ourselves, other people and the whole world.

We have practised Gorilla Dawn a lot this week. We all need to learn our lines this weekend. On Tuesday Nercwys School will join us for the day to rehearse.

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hi, it’s Tilly and Oscar writing the blog. 

We have had a good week and we have enjoyed the Sun! Especially because our topic is Space. 

In Maths we have been learning about multiplying by 10. When we understood the pattern we were able to x 100 and even x 1000.

On Tuesday Miss Roberts was on a course and we had a supply teacher called Mr Blakesley. We wrote a report on a planet using PicCollage on the iPads. Tilly did her report on Earth and Oscar did his on Neptune.

We also have been rehearsing for our Gorilla Dawn performance. We are looking forward to performing in the Alun. 

In language we have started a new genre. We are looking at instructions. We worked with our talking partner and made a list of different types of instructions, there was recipes, coding, sat navs, talking and many more.

We watched a video of talking instructions and looked at written instructions. We decide on the main features of instructions and we are going to use them as our steps to success. 

In Science we are looking at Light. We learnt about primary and secondary sources of light and we went on a hunt around school for different types of light. 

Our homework is to keep practicing our Gorilla Dawn parts and if you have any, rehearse your lines. 

Thanks for reading!

Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week we have enjoyed performing our drama Gorilla Dawn with Jane from Purple Platform. We are looking forward to sharing this performance on Wednesday at The Alun High School.

We have blasted off into Space again this week and pupils have been role playing in their very own spaceship! 

In Welsh pupils have used language to describe different coloured space clothes. 

Our new topic in R.E. Is Judaism and Miss Douggie has introduced this with us this week. 

Maths has been challenging, whilst Reception have been learning vocabulary and skills linked to subtraction, Yr 1 and 2 have been using column addition with hundreds tens and units. 

In P.E we continued on our space journey through the stars. Nursery really enjoyed themselves! 

We have enjoyed the sunshine and using water to solve space problems of zero gravity. This will continue next week!

Have a lovely weekend. 

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