Miss Roberts Year 3 and 4 Blog 19th March 2021

Last week marked the last week of blended learning for key stage two and we were so excited to be back in the classroom with all of the children. There were many different emotions on Monday morning, but after settling in and seeing their friends again, all of the children were happy and settled back into school.

During our last week of Blended Learning Year 3 and 4 showed some great creativity whilst working on their Unicorn tasks. I loved the variation which I saw in the pupils' visualisation of the 'River Unicorn'. It really showed a glimpse of their own style and imagination! We completed our measuring work in mathematics. All pupils measured accurately and most were able to solve different word problems using their knowledge of measure as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In our Topic work they took a 'trip' to Chester Zoo to explore animals and their colour. The children did some research of their own and came up with some super facts. We all know that giraffes are very tall, but did you know they are also the mammal with the longest tail? Back at school the focus for the two weeks before Easter is to take the opportunity to get back into the swing of things and focus on the pupils' wellbeing. This week we have been doing lots of fun, practical activities, some catch-up tasks and a whole class challenge! Year 3 and 4 decided that their challenge was to run 700 laps of the school court!! They have had 5 minutes a day to add to the tally and after 1 week, they have managed a fantastic 407 laps! This challenge was chosen after learning about the 5 ways to wellbeing- connecting with others, being active, taking notice of the World, learning and giving to others. I want to thank all of the parents, big brothers/sisters and grandparents who have been fantastic supporting Year 3 and 4 throughout the past term. There has been some amazing projects and some brilliant learning going on which couldn't have happened without your support! Take a look at the photographs which show just some examples. Miss R :)