Miss Roberts' class: Owain

Year 3 and 4

In Maths we learned about different types of angles. We used protractors to measure the sizeof different angles.This can be quite tricky but we all helped each other by coming up with Steps 2 Success.

We learnt that angles which are less than 90 degrees are called acute angles and angles which are bigger than 90 degrees (but smaller that 10 degrees) are called obtuse angles.

Laura from Dragon Sport came to give us a coaching session about rounders. We learnt some great tips in preparation for the tournament which year 4 are going to next week!

In Language we have started to look at a new genre, biographies. A biography is written all about someone's life. You can learn a lot of facts and interesting things from reading a biography!

We had a really fun Sport’s Day on Wednesday. Year 3 and 4 were so pleased that the weather was lovely and we could enjoy an afternoon in the sun!

On Friday, we worked with Miss Williams to create some water colour paintings of the scenery and wildlife in Penycloddiau.