Miss Roberts' class: Owain

Year 3 and 4 have each contributed to our class blog this week.

Here’s what we have been up to:

This week we had our celebration event the Cathedral. It was lovely to join the pupils of Nannerch and Nercwys to celebrate our federation. At the beginning of the service, the bishop came in. As part of the service, some of us asked the Bishop questions or talked about the federation. It was interesting when the Bishop answered the questions. We thought that it was a really nice Cathedral. Also there was cakes, biscuits and drinks!

In Maths we learnt what parallel and perpendicular means. Parallel is when two lines never meet and perpendicular is when 2 lines meet at a right. One of our problem solving tasks was to find parallel lines and perpendicular lines in the alphabet.

On Wednesday there was some excitement! We were eating our lunch, then we saw a cow in the playground. Lots of us wanted to go and see it but it was raining lots!

Mrs Biddle called the owner and Mrs Pierce and Ms Williams went out to help the farmer.

There has been a LOT of rain this week. We’re hoping the sun comes out for Sports Day next Wednesday!

In our language work we have been writing diaries. First we did a COLD WRITE. This is when you have a go to show Miss Roberts what you already know. Since then we have looked at lots of different examples of diaries and we have written down the features of a diary. Everyone has planned, drafted and edited their own diary entry.