Miss Roberts' class: Owain

Well what a busy final week of half term!

Year 3 and 4 have been particularly lucky as they have spent time listening to both Mrs John's and Mrs Pierce's class presentations on 'Water'. It's safe to say they have some marvelous facts to share with their friends and family!

There have been two field trips this week!

Firstly, a visit with Nercwys to the cathedral in St Asaph. It was a great day and we all enjoyed it! It was lovely to see Mrs Downes there too.

On Wednesday morning, Key Stage 2 went for a walk up Penycloddiau. We went all the way to the hill fort at the top. Along the way the children made notes of their observations. They used all of their senses and gathered some wonderful descriptions of our walk.

Back in school we have been using these descriptions to write a 'journey poem' all about our walk. We will share them with you once they are complete!

I hope everyone has a lovely half term. Enjoy some rest before a very busy term!

Miss Roberts


Take a look at Sam's home project all about the Water Cycle.


Our walk up Penycloddiau