Miss Roberts’ class: Owain

Welcome back to a new term!

We had a very exciting start to our summer term with our residential trip to Kingswood. Tom and Sam share their experiences:

Kingswood was very fun and there were lots of activities! Some of the activities we did were laser tag, buggy build, climbing and the night-line. Our favourite activity was laser tag. Our instructors were called Jaffa-Cake Jake, Little George, Rain and Holly! They were funny and we really liked them.

We were all split into three groups and were mixed with the Nercwys pupils. It was a big change, but fun and exciting to spend more time with the Nercwys pupils, especially in free play! We also loved the buggy races with both schools.

Breakfast was at half past eight. Lunch was at half past one! The canteen was busy with lots of other schools there too.

Back at school we had a visit from PC Mark. He told us about how to stay safe around strangers. He showed us pictures of different situations with strangers and we discussed different ones.

Our homework is to carry on with our water project homework!