Miss Roberts' Class: Owain

This week Alfie, Orla, Sam and Daniel worked together to write the blog.

We talked about what we learnt this week and our most enjoyable parts!

Alfie's favourite part of the week was researching about the Old Railway in Nannerch. He was most interested in finding out about the accident when a lady was hit by a train!

This week Orla liked working with weights and a measuring scale. She was able to read the weight on the scale and tried to create different amounts. Daniel enjoyed looking at the measuring scales too, particularly when he was finding out what 1kg feels like.

This week we were introduced to RM Easimaths. You can play games which look good, and you try to get points by doing more sums! Sam thought it was fun and an exciting way to learn!

Osian really enjoyed his Mum coming into school for the Year 4-6 Mother's Day lunch. Osian and his Mum really liked their lunch and the pudding!

Lots of us really liked creating our own newspaper this week. Orla wrote about Nannerch and Nercwys federating. She got a quote off Mrs John.

It said, "This is a very exciting time for both our schools!"

We hope you enjoyed reading about our week! :)