Headteacher’s Blog week ending 10th September 2021

A big thank you to all the staff for doing such a fantastic job of settling everyone back in school.

The week started on a high note with a key stage 2 walk to Church to see the lovely welcome back messages. This really brightened the start of our first week back. There was a welcome prayer, a message to all pupils, a word of wisdom for the staff and a lovely message to our Year 7s as they take their next step in Secondary school. I have heard from some that they are settling in really well.

What a positive beginning!

Everyone seems to have enjoyed their first week back. I have seen happy smiling pupils all week with such enthusiasm for their learning. One of the first things I heard this morning from one of the older pupils was “Can I read?” which was great to hear on a Friday morning.

Teachers have really taken advantage of the good weather earlier in the week to make the most of the outdoor environment. We have had lots of wellbeing and focus activities outdoors. We have had quality learning experiences in the outdoors.

There has been discussion and debate in Key Stage 2 about the name of their class.

A decision has been reached…

The final vote was between ‘Dreigiau goch’ and ‘Nant Ddraig’, it was very close so every vote mattered and the eventual winner was Nant Ddraig. This was Callum’s suggestion, he was so pleased when it was chosen. Everyone was enthusiastic but willing to follow a democratic process.

The children worked really hard completing their Kahoot quiz on Place Value. A great way to assess learning.

There have been so many lovely examples of work in both classes. I have been spoilt for choice for photographs.

Foundation Phase have been using their enquiry and oracy skills with their Talking Partners to find out clues to their new class story, The Journey. Pupils engaged so well and were hooked in at the pictures they were discussing. Their class is full of ideas already for their topic!

We had a visit from PC Mark today to end the week. The Nantlwys Federation have kept him busy today as he has spent the morning in Nannerch and the afternoon in Nercwys. PC Mark was extremely complimentary after his visit to Foundation Phase and the quality of the answers from the learners. He also spoke to Years 3 and 4, under the theme of ‘bullying’. He certainly got a reaction from me…PC Mark made a noise to get the children to react, they certainly did that as Dharma gave such a shriek that I rushed into the classroom. I was greeted by big smiles and giggles as all the children were laughing at causing such a reaction! PC Mark then had a super session with the Year 5 and 6 group. Hereally enjoyed his morning.

Congratulations to Robbie for being awarded Brenin Yr Wyddnos today, he has settled back in so well and he has made a valuable contribution already to his class and school community!

A big thank you to Parents as our learners look so smart. They have been a delight to have in school all week.