Headteacher’s Blog May 6th 2022

A very short week in school but with lots of enjoyable activities for all. We are still enjoying and building skill knowledge with our new smart boards in school.

We are all really enjoying the fact that we can begin to plan events again. We have set the dates for Sports Day. We have opted for the 14th June with a back up date of the 20th June. Everyone will be looking forward to this after all the disruptions in previous years.

The Early Years pupils are still really engaging with their theme of Castles. I was really pleased that Playgroup were able to use the school hall on Thursday, this was such a nice way to get the learners used to school surroundings.

We had a lovely end to the week with our Open the Book service and the message of Pentecost. The volunteers had lots of wonderful helpers today taking part to act out the story. The crowd asked ‘What can we do? I did joke with the children that ‘We could make a difference…’ which led into our fun song

Dosbarth Branwen

A super start to a short week with a visit to Xplore - the new name for what was Techniquest. The learners were given lots of fun opportunities to practice their control technology skills. They had a lego building workshop, they used a laptop to code and make lego birds turn and tweet. Such an enjoyable visit for all.

They have loved the challenge of their Maths starters with their learning partners. They then had lots of fun measuring for a purpose. Measuring themselves and doorways in school. PC Mark came into class to speak to everyone. Everyone always enjoys his lesson on keeping safe.

Their favourite activity has been re-enacting one of Jesus’ miracles and they turned water into wine – or in this case blackcurrant juice to save getting me into trouble!

A big thank you to everyone who has helped update our ‘Amser Snac’ display. Miss Mac had some superstar helpers.

Dosbarth Nant draig

Pupils been looking at features of a newspaper report, and producing a report about ‘The dinosaur’s last day’.

Also as part of their topic for the term the pupils have started looking at the formation of fossils. They have explored the new discovery recently aired on BBC by David Attenborough. Using this they have looked at what fossils can show us about life and Earth millions and millions of years ago. Mr Hills has seen some brilliant portrayals of understanding on how fossils are formed.

In maths, the children have been estimating areas as well as calculating the area of triangles. From this, they have stepped up into recording volumes of 3D shapes. They have thoroughly enjoyed the practical side of this exploration.

Their English lessons have been about finding the features in newspaper articles and creating a foundation of Who, What, Why, When and How?. The plan is to create a newspaper report about the discovery of a new species of dinosaur!

PC Mark visited to talk to the children about safety and they also spent time practising the skills of sprinting ready for Sports Day!