Headteacher’s Blog May 28th 2021

A very big thank you to Parents for all the support we have received this half term, it is very much appreciated.

Let’s hope this weather continues to improve so that we can all enjoy some sunshine over half term, I think the pupils really deserve a fantastic break. They have all been Superstars this half term. Just like the Dads who have continued to make Year 1 and 2s week by helping with football. I must admit that the Dad’s look as if they are enjoying their time too.

In Foundation Phase they have been working on the use of punctuation, Question marks, Exclamation marks and Full stops. They have also been painting a Sikh Gurdwara and learning about Sikhism.

Within Maths Reception have been doing some super addition work using Numicon to support them and some problem-solving activities. Year 1 and 2 have been learning to divide and share and learning the inverse of divide is multiply. Within language pupils have been concentrating on CVC words, 4 letter words and high frequency words. Their class text ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ has caused so much excitement, in their Talking Partners they have had to imagine what might happen next…...!

Everyone has really enjoyed counting in Welsh and have learnt Welsh words for mini beasts as well as describing them. Their minibeast pictures were brilliant.

The Year 5 and 6 pupils are really enjoying creating their planets and writing their Fact Files, I am sure you will see them in their blog.

Year 3 and 4 have also been working extremely hard all week. They have written pen pal letters to their peers in Nercwys. Mrs Roberts put them together in a big envelope and then they enjoyed a walk to the postbox with the class. It is always far better to write for a purpose and I am sure the Nercwys pupils will enjoy receiving them, they are looking forward to a big catch up as soon as they are able. I know Mrs Foster is planning to visit.

I think the highlight for all the Key Stage 2 pupils was the football session. They had the same instructor as Nercwys and Nercwys gave him a big thumbs up. The pupils here reacted in the same way, they really enjoyed the team games.

A big thank you to Dharma and Flynn for bringing in their circuit for the class to enjoy.

I am sure all the pupils will be really excited about Miss Roberts’ news. They will all do a great job of looking after her at this very exciting time.

We had some candidates for the Maternity Leave looking around school at the end of the school day. Mrs John and I were really keen to show our fantastic outdoor facilities. We had to show all the visitors the birds nest in the gate post. We had two groups of people and they all enjoyed the visit to our lovely school.

Have a lovely week everyone.