Headteacher’s Blog May 21st 2021

This has been another busy week in school with pupils enjoying their learning.

Everyone in Key Stage 2 is having a brilliant Out of this World morning. Year 3 and 4 are making Cooties based on the planets and had great fun showing me their work and asking me to choose a number and a colour. I had to ask Mrs Pierce what these were called I can remember loving making them as a child myself. I was really pleased to have already visited Jupiter already this morning alongside a pupil!

Years 3 and 4 are also really proud of their work on Superheroes. We have had some lovely discussions about Superpowers they would choose for their Superheroes. I was really pleased to see how many were linked to the School’s values. Callum has been Karen our meal server’s superhero this week as he has been a brilliant help to her putting the chairs away. Emily is one of mine as she has produced some lovely art work and was able to give me a wonderful description of the world spinning on its axis around the sun and giving us night and day.

Years 5 and 6 are having a wonderful morning making their own planets out of Mod Rock. As you can see from the photos they are really enjoying this activity.

The Foundation Phase pupils have been just as busy with all of their work this week. They have been working really hard on their phonics. Mrs John had managed to turn this activity into an exciting game of bingo. The element of fun and a little competition always sharpens our minds. They have been thinking about j – what a lovely excuse to feel how squidgy and sticky jelly is.

They really enjoyed a minibeast hunt in the rain outdoors, unfortunately we have had our share of rain this week. They have been painting their own minibeast.

Within their topic of Judaism, they have been celebrating Shabbat. They have been breaking bread and tasting red fruit juice, instead of the red wine that would be shared.

I love the Church that has been built in class, we will have to ask the Vicar to come and take his place.

A few minutes before Whizzy Wednesday started, we noticed some special little visitors! On the playground, mummy and her baby chicks came to say hello!

I was hoping we could start to move away from having everyone in two separate bubbles as it really does impact our planning as a school. Flintshire are encouraging us to be cautious and remain patient and follow the current guidance until we know the impact of the new variant.