Headteacher’s Blog - June 11th 2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful half term!

We had lots of excited tales from the pupils of their adventures last week.

We have certainly had a very busy return to school. Starting with the lovely news that Miss Douggie is expecting a baby. Life is so exciting in Nannerch school at the moment, it is lovely to hear such good news.

We have had lots of interest in the Maternity post advertised. Mrs John and I are becoming very practiced at giving ‘the tour’ to potential candidates. The school is very welcoming and on these sunny evenings the outdoors has looked fantastic. The candidates have also been really impressed at all the new Chromebooks that we are adding to the school Internet and the Interactive TVs that we have on order.

The office has been swamped in application forms this afternoon as we have been making multiple copies of the application forms in preparation for short listing.

I am optimistic that we can appoint a good teacher who can make lessons engaging, exciting and enjoyable for our pupils.

The Reverend Daniel has been in school this week to speak to Key Stage 2 pupils, at a social distance of course!

He was so pleased to come in and the pupils really enjoyed his visit. We hadn’t realised what an expert he was on all things ‘Space’ related. He had so many of his own experiences to share with pupils to help engage their interest. As a youngster he had been part of an anniversary celebration of flight at Cape Canaveral.

He was really impressed with the pupils’ level of knowledge about the subject. Well done Key Stage 2 pupils, you have shown fantastic research skills.

We continue to work really hard at remaining Covid safe.

Can I ask everyone to be mindful of pupils’ safety on the road? We really would appreciate it if you can avoid parking outside the school at the beginning and end of the day unless it is an emergency situation.

A big thank you to the teachers for all the effort they put into the displays and learning walls in school. They really support pupil learning and help consolidate previous learning.

A big thank you to Callum too for helping Karen every lunch time putting away chairs! He really is so helpful and shows so much initiative and compassion every day.