Headteacher’s Blog – February 4th

Another exciting week.

It is a pleasure to see such happy engaged learners in school.

It is great to see so many smiles.

My treat this week has been to see a wonderful lesson in Foundation Phase. They were producing detailed drawings of Hagrid as a cold task.Mrs John then used the big whiteboard in the hall to share a Jonny Duddle masterclass. He has such an eye for detail, he is so creative and full of enthusiasm. The learners were drawn into his world. The were then concentrating so hard following instructions and taking note of all the detail. They had tremendous concentration for a Friday. They really benefitted and improved their work.

Miss Mac has been very busy this week in Branwen continuing ‘Drastic Plastic’ and creating bird feeders from recycled bottles. This will continue next week into a Numeracy project recording the level of seed reduction as the birds enjoy their treats!

Chinese New Year was celebrated with the Year of the Tiger being their focus! Early Years made Chinese lanterns and Tiger headbands. Da iawn pawb!

The week started with a fun investigation into evolution and the different beaks of birds for Dosbarth Nant Ddraig. They learnt all about Darwin and his theory of evolution and how finches around the word adapted their beaks to suit the climate they lived in. From this, they used various different tools to explore which tools were better "beaks" for different foods. The children were thrilled by this and were engrossed in discovering the answer.

This week is the first week of the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. Mr Hills was able to spend a day with themed activities for the children as they spent time understanding the different aspects and comparing the cultures of the two New Years. The children loved learning some Mandarin and learning about the tonal aspect of the language. They then created lucky red envelopes, decorated by some Chinese script and one of the Chinese zodiacs. Finally, they practiced their skills with chopsticks and tasted some Chinese tea.

Mrs Pierce was able to continue their investigation into the effects of salt in water. They looked at completing evaluations of their findings and assessing how they had done with their predictions.

In maths, the class finished their work on mass and then started practicing using money. They were able to place themselves into learning zones and try and stretch their mind by taking on different challenges. Some children worked on counting and working out change, whilst some were able to calculate the profit under different circumstances. It is an important practical skill. It is fantastic to be able to use the world-renowned White Rose Maths resources as well as real-life contexts to develop this skill.

The children were treated to an extra special P.E. lesson with a Badminton Roadshow, giving them the opportunity to try out the skills that were demonstrated.

On Friday, P.C. Mark came to speak about cyber-bullying and I hear that the children were very astute and aware with their comments, showing excellent compassion which was lovely to hear. We have also been able to welcome Open the Book back into school. We had a traditional Nannerch celebratory afternoon. We were also able to welcome Mr and Mrs Wright as visitors sitting at the back at a social distance from the children. Everyone really loved the Service in the hall. We made sure it was extremely well ventilated.

We had the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den with plenty of drama and audience participation. It was really enjoyable a super way to end the week.

Congratulations to our 2 Brennin Yr Wythnos pupils this week, Samuel and Jenson! Both for Wisdom and Community. Very proud of you boys.

We are really thrilled to have been part of a film project to advertise the amazing work pupils and our community developed and created for the Nannerch Digital Trail. A special thanks goes to Liz Stack and her family for allowing pupils to be filmed at The Old Nannerch Mill and for her involvement in the film. Well done to our pupils, all their research, leadership, interviewing, advertising, creating and learning so many skills to develop. I am sure you will agree this is incredible! Don’t forget the digital trail is there for everyone to enjoy and can be downloaded onto a devise, information can be found here:


The film will shortly be added to the North East Wales Website but in the meantime, here it is:


We had a phone call after school from a Parent wanting to say well done to the staff. They told us how much their child enjoys school and how much they appreciated everyone. That lovely message was sent on the week ahead for all staff to see. Thank you :)