Headteacher’s Blog 9th July 2021

Many thanks to everyone for all your support this week.

Mrs John and I have really appreciated everyone coming to see us to ask any questions they had with the reorganisation next year. If you have any further questions please do get in touch with us. We have some parents meeting us on Monday morning.

We will all really miss having Mrs Pierce as a full-time teacher but she is hoping to return to support us as we move forward. She is a very big part of Nannerch school and we would like her to continue working with us albeit in a different role. Mrs Pierce has so many skills that as we move forward we can work out which areas we would like her to support.

We are also pleased to be able to welcome Mr Samuels as a new member of staff. He is really excited about his new post. I am sure he will soon settle into our very welcoming community. We have told him that Ysgol Nannerch is a great place to work. He has already said how much he enjoyed working with our learners. I was so pleased that he could join the pupils on their visit to Robinwood. This is a great team building exercise. We are having very positive reports about the visitand photos of very happy learners.

I am sure they will all be very tired tonight!

We have had a very busy and exciting week in Foundation Phase too. Early Years pupils have loved playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf ?’ The learners have had a wonderful time exploring Control technology. They have been making the most of the new Bee-bot charging station and Bee-bots. Learners have been creating their own grids. The learners then created a programme of commands to plot the bee-bot’s journey along the grids.

As if the Bee-bots weren’t exciting enough we have also had the Sphero’s in class. The learners woke them up, chose colours and the direction. They then created a maze and a track for the Sphero to follow. I did have a little chuckle as I walking past the Outdoor area of the classroom – all I could hear was Mrs Biddle saying ‘’slow down’’, ‘’think about your speed’’ and ‘’you are going too fast’’. I did say that she sounded like a driving instructor. I am sure parents may echo this in years to come!

Reception pupils have been learning about sequencing and this has been extended for Years 1 and 2 who had to ‘make a ham sandwich’. They then had to use these instructions to make our own sandwich.

They kept themselves healthy by adding lettuce – which the pupils had grown themselves.

Within Maths the younger pupils have been concentrating on practicing their number formation and then using multilink to show how many.

The older pupils have been practicing addition and then completing a very challenging colour by numbers task.

The older pupils have also had a fun week with lots of challenges especially in Year 5 and 6.

They have been creating and testing parachutes and building mazes in addition to doing team building activities. They have had a really good week; the highlight is definitely the Robinwood visit. We are so glad that this could take place and even more special that as well as the usual staff Mr Samuels could accompany them.

I am so glad that both schools were able to go. The Learners have missed out on so much during the pandemic. It is really good to have something nice for them. We have been seeing photos while the pupils are there but I am sure we will have more to accompany the blog.

The planned activities were Piranha Pool, Archery, Caving, Giant Swing, High Ropes and Climbing. The photos that I have seen so far show the pupils having a wonderful time. They look as if they have had the chance to challenge themselves.

A very big thank you to the staff who have accompanied the pupils. They will also be tired and ready for the weekend.