Headteacher’s Blog 7th May 2021

We have had a short school week, but I have been so appreciative of everyone this week. The older pupils have been very supportive of their peers. The Teachers and Support staff have been fantastic at offering care, support and guidance to all pupils whenever it was needed. The School Community as always has been extremely warm and supportive.

We have had a busy time Years 5 and 6 had a visit from one of Flintshire’s Welsh Advisors Miss Foulkes. I did tell the pupils that she was really good fun to work with and by the end of the morning they were definitely in agreement. She did some singing, which I missed whilst ordering lunches. She then did some work on personal details – ‘manylion personol’ and we went outdoors and enjoyed playing some playground games in Welsh. A great morning, and the pupils learnt lots of new phrases.

Miss Roberts has been taking advantage of some outdoor training alongside Mrs Foster from Ysgol Nercwys and some teachers from Ysgol y Llan, Whitford. They were all based in the outdoor environment in Nannerch on Wednesday, Nercwys on Thursday morning and Ysgol y Llan on Thursday afternoon. The other teachers were envious of the fantastic outdoor facilities we have in Nannerch. Mrs Foster is extremely keen to be allowed to bring her Nercwys Junior class here again and plan some shared outdoor learning. Everyone is waiting for restrictions to be lifted to enable us to start planning exciting projects once again.

Miss Roberts must have enjoyed the training despite the weather on Wednesday and Thursday as Year 3 and 4 were outdoors this morning. They were very keen to show me their wonderful environmental art at lunchtime.

We are planning an Outdoor Pentecost Service at the Church for Key Stage 2 alongside our Bishop’s Visitor Mrs CathYeardley. We are starting to plan our more usual activities once again - but in our Bubbles.

Foundation Phase pupils have also had an enjoyable week.They have been completing lots of lovely activities in class and outdoors. They were doing a great job planting yesterday afternoon. Mrs Biddle was surrounded by bedding plants and lots of children, but in total control as always. Mrs John plans so many great activities all week but I think one of the current favourites is Football Friday delivered by Xander and Freddie’s Dads!

Sorry Dad’s I thought the football was the highlight of the week for Foundation Phase until I met the chicks! You could not compete with them. The children were so animated and Erin gave a very detailed explanation about them and her peers listened very carefully. Thank you to Hannah for bringing the chicks in today. It really was a treat!