Headteacher’s blog 6th November 2020

Everyone has returned to school after the half term looking refreshed, revived and ready for all the lovely activities the teachers have planned.

My favourite for this week has to be all the lovely sparkly pupils in Foundation Phase. Their smiles were as bright as the colours on the sparklers they had made. They loved the activity, and the dance they created. Big beams all round.

The younger pupils painted their pasta shapes for a burning bonfire picture. They enjoyed painting the background too.

They also made a lovely ‘Ble mae Ticw?’ display. Mrs Whitehead and Miss Douggie have worked on with the Early Years pupils to achieve all this. I love the tedi Cymraeg, the Welsh speaking teddy named Ticw. The display looksfantastic especially the 3D esgidiau du –the 3D black shoes.

Mrs Biddle is a happy lady; she is really pleased with the new easel. I was walking past and she stopped me and told me to get my camera out quickly, so that I could take a photo of the wonderful paintings the children had created. They were full of smiles and enjoying being in the wet area.

Years 3 and 4 have been completing pen portraits and some Science investigations on teeth. They are really enjoying having Miss James as a student teacher, she has started her lessons this week.

Their highlight was possibly the work on large pieces of paper detailing the pupils’ initial knowledge of the Gunpowder plot. They then added additional information following an opportunity to research the topic.

Years 5 and 6 were also celebrating the same theme, they have made chocolate bananas and pancakes. I am sure they were eaten very quickly!

The Junior pupils have all completed their Manifesto’s in support of their application for school council. This is very topical at the moment- as we are still counting the votes.

I can assure you that with Miss Roberts and Mrs Pierce as Returning Officers the system will be completely democratic! We look forward to hearing the results.

We have really appreciated the sunshine at the end of the week, this has made everyone smile. I hope this continues at the weekend so the pupils can enjoy the outdoors for the last weekend in lockdown – for now at least.