Headteacher’s Blog 5th November 2021

We have had a lovely start to the new half term.

We have welcomed Mr Hills into Key Stage 2 as an NQT funded by the Welsh Assembly into Nercwys School. He is also very eager to come and meet everyone in Nannerch School. He has had the opportunity to visit this afternoon. Mr Hills is very keen to extend his experience and teach here. I always like to find out about everyone’s skills and interests. Mr Hills is a Welsh speaker and enjoys teaching football.

I met with the other Headteachers and we are now able to begin to have matches against other schools in Football and Netball. I am finding out if I am able to have a Nantlwys football team or if we have to retain a Nannerch and Nercwys team.

Mr Hills is very keen to have extra responsibility and help with football in Nannerch

Thank you for engaging with our Parents Evenings. I really hope we can have a traditional parents’ evening next time. I miss being able to chat with everyone informally. If you do have anything you would like to discuss with me please do get in touch, or following reflection you have any further questions for Mrs John or Mr Samuels please contact us.

Many thanks for your positive feedback on the Parent Questionnairesand suggestions for further improvement. We will discuss these in a staff meeting. We do appreciate your opinions and this helps us further refine teaching and learning at Ysgol Nannerch.

We are all really keen to be able to offer all that we could pre Covid 19. This is also clear from parent feedback but also reflects our feelings as teachers.

We are moving forward slowly – we are able to welcome ‘Open the Book’ to lead our Worship today, they are no longer able to work with the pupils to ask them to act out the story.

They have to maintain a physical distance, but at least they are in school back again and make our Friday afternoons a little more of a Celebration. We really enjoyed the worship this afternoon.

We can now start to compete against other schools in the Consortium for football and netball. We can’t have a tournament yet but at least we can do something. It is a shame as tournament makes the most of time and resources.

We have to follow risk assessments which means we can’t have parents watching unless they are providing lifts - in which case they observe from a distance. I will have to ask everyone to organise their own lifts as we are no longer supposed to be part of this. We can organise a minibus but we will then have a cost.

There is lots of super work going on in school today. Mrs John is so impressed with her Year two group that she is really challenging them with their spellings. I loved seeing their physical development during Amser Aur/ Golden Time. They were developing their skills on trikes, scooters, spinning tops balls and hula hoops. I played ’Ready, Steady, Hula’ with Alys, Ava and Ellie but I was chuckling at being told I was too old. They were fabulous, far better than me. Jenson was the Brenin yr Wythnos for working so hard on his reading. Amazing Jenson!

Dosbarth Nant Ddraig are currently writing to me. They were making sure I couldn’t see the content of their letters. Some pupils were still writing and were working very hard, others were taking advantage of DIRT – Directed Improvement and Reflection Time and were challenging themselves and being challenged by Mr Samuels.

Their new Maths topic is Time and Mr Samuels has given the pupils some online tasks to practice.

Erin really impressed Mr Samuels with her enthusiasm in taking her Welsh Language book home and translating it into English.

A big well done to Callum for gaining a new Milestone on RM Maths, I saw the certificate come off the printer.

School Council and all our committees have been working hard to agree on a vision and action plan in order to make a positive difference in our Federation! The COP26 conference has certainly made us all think of our future world and Mrs John is continuing this with pupils next week. The vision in which School Council have produced is, ‘Include, encourage and make a difference’. Wow! Mrs John was very keen to show me their work from yesterday!

Lio was our Brenin yr Wythnos for the Value of Trust. He has trusted in his own abilities and challenged himself. Fantastic Lio!

The Early Years pupils have been thinking about Bonfire Night and staying safe.

They have used this theme to think about shape and colour. They created magical sparkler sticks and fantastic paintings with oodles of glitter! Diolch Auntie Ange everyone loved this activity.