Headteacher’s Blog 5th March 2021

Another lovely week with Foundation Phase enjoying their time in school. I think Key Stage 2 have been persevering with Google Classroom far too long but at least the light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel!

The Foundation Phase classroom and the Hall area are full of exciting activities for the children to enjoy. We have castles being built and dragons being created. The pupils are having a wonderful time, Mrs John meanwhile was persuading pupils to complete a variety of little tasks with her, without it seeming hard work at all! The qualities of a superb teacher.

Miss Douggie and Mrs Whitehead had a variety of challenges for the younger pupils. This is a little sneak preview of us getting ready for an important event in the calendar. Such lovely cards to melt any heart.

I had a Headteacher’s briefing last night. I was pleased at the feedback from Flintshire, they were confident the local data supported the return of Key Stage 2 learners to the classroom. The Key Stage 2 teachers will be really pleased to welcome pupils back once again. Only one more week left on remote learning, I won’t tell you how loud Mrs Pierce’s cheer was.

The school meal system seems to be more settled. This delivery service can never be as good as having our own cook but everyone is doing their best. I was chuckling at lunchtime today. I wanted to take some photos on a Friday, burger and chips. I was too slowgetting to the hall and most of the lunches had already disappeared! I think this was a good sign, with lots of happy customers. Mrs Biddle had pinched some leftovers and was giving them a thumbs up. Luckily, Mrs Biddle was far more efficient than I was at taking a photo of the lunch yesterday.

Following our survey to work out parental need, we will be offering breakfast club childcare only from 8.30 am onwards. We will then review this provision for the start of the Summer term. Please let Mrs Fowles know in the office of your future needs so that we can try and accommodate them.

One more week and we will have everyone back in school again. We are so looking forward to that.